7 Ways to Revive Your Spring Wardrobe

posted: 04/03/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Spring fashion

As we all start to shed our winter coats and heavy boots for the bright colors and lighter clothes of spring, you might find yourself looking at your spring wardrobe thinking it's time to freshen up your clothes. But instead of dropping a small fortune to replace everything, here are seven inexpensive and easy ways to take your spring clothes from drab to fab.

1.) Clean Out Your Closet
If you are looking to mix and match and change up your wardrobe, you'll need to start by taking into account everything you are working with before you start shopping. Find some time to clean out your closet and you might be surprised to find a few hidden gems you forgot were part of your wardrobe.

2.)Create a Crop Top Look
You don't need to show any skin-unless of course you want to- but you can hack any t-shirt or button-down to mimic the trendy crop top look by tying the shirt into a knot right above or below your belly button. Pair it up with a great pair of jeans or leggings for a quick spring update.

3.) Add a Skinny Belt-
From dresses, button-down shirts, and thin sweaters, adding a colorful skinny belt will change the look of your outfit, outline your shape, and give you a fresh look for spring.

4.) Mix it Up
Mixing patterns with prints and florals is a great way to add a pop of color and freshen up your look. From leggings to shirts to skirts and dresses, try mixing and matching colors and patterns.

5.) Break Into Your Summer Wardrobe
From summer dresses and thin strapped tank tops, take out your summer wardrobe now and create a layered look for a fresh outfit that is still spring weather friendly.

6.) Add Color with Accessories
From bright colored statement necklaces and scarfs to a fabulous purse, add color to your spring wardrobe through your accessories.

7.) Thin Scarfs are Perfect for Spring
Say goodbye to thick and heavy scarfs and break out thin colorful scarfs this season. There are so many ways to wear a thin scarf that are fun and easy to wear. You can pair it with a basic outfit for a fun pop of color and style.