7 Ways to Be More Patient in the New Year

posted: 01/02/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Young woman near the laptop, practicing meditation at the office desk, in front of laptop, online yoga classes, taking a break time for a minute, healing from paperwork and laptop radiation


With an endless to-do list and the hustle and bustle of your daily life, it's easy to lose your cool. Patience is a skill and it's one that takes practice. Even when you feel like you've given yourself enough time to get everything done or you make an extra effort to have patience when dealing with your kids, family or co-workers, daily stress can steal our patience and ruin our mood. So as we head into the New Year and you make resolutions for yourself, here's seven ways to make being patient in the New Year a priority.

  1. Understand the Value of Patience- When we are more patient, we feel less stressed. Our relationships are stronger and this allow us to be more flexible and tolerant of others. Finally, we make better decisions when we have patience. From daily choices to life changing events, when we are calm, level-headed, and patient we do better and think better.
  2. Know Your Triggers- Is there one person that always tries your patience? Does running late in the morning always make you lose your cool? By knowing what triggers you to lose your patience, you can combat your reactions by preparing to counteract the feelings when you are face to face with a trigger.
  3. Stop Yourself Mid-Boiling Point- When your mind starts racing and you can feel your blood pressure rise--stop yourself. Take a few deep breaths and think about the situation. Is this worth losing your cool? Is this situation fixable? How can you react differently? Can you readjust your original plans to make this situation work so that you keep your cool and patience? Asking yourself these questions can help you remain patience and think level-headed in most situations.
  4. Wear Rose-Colored Glasses- Studies have shown that thinking positive thoughts can help you achieve positivity. So if you say to yourself "I will be more patient" you can actually make yourself more patient.
  5. Release Stress- Whether it is deep breaths, meditating, exercises, or a few yoga stretches, giving your body and mind an outlet can help you be more patient every day.
  6. Build Buffers Into Your Day- Give yourself the gift of time throughout the day to get through your to-do list and complete tasks without feeling rushed and to be a buffer when there are things outside of your control.
  7. Try Again Tomorrow- Sometimes even with all the right tools, mindset, and best intentions, life happens and we lose our patience. However, all hope isn't lost. Just make the resolution to try again tomorrow and learn from what affected you today.