7 Super Simple 2-Ingredient Desserts

posted: 11/05/15
by: Blythe Copeland

Whether you're putting together a meal for last-minute guests or looking for a fast and easy recipe to cook up for parents of a newborn, these two-ingredient desserts are the answer: From Nutella brownies and or lemon bars to pumpkin donuts and banana and peanut butter ice cream, you'll find something for every sweet tooth.

1. Nutella brownies

If you're the kind of person who could eat Nutella straight from the jar, these Babble brownies are the next best thing: A chocolate lover's dream made with just two ingredients (or three, if you top with powdered sugar). Mix one cup of Nutella with four eggs and bake for a rich, gluten-free dessert that's not too sweet.

2. Pumpkin donuts

This recipe from Girl Inspired uses a box of yellow cake mix and a can of pumpkin to make tasty, fall-flavored donuts that are perfect served alongside a hot cup of coffee. You can use a similar technique for pumpkin spice muffins or pumpkin brownies, but cooking these in a donut pan results in delicious little rings that are healthier than the choices at your local donut store.

3. Lemon bars

Classic lemon bars are often labor-intensive -- think homemade crust, from-scratch filling, and several hours of time -- but this super simple, two-ingredient version from Tammilee's Tips comes together much more quickly. Mix a box of angel food cake mix with a jar of lemon creme pie filling and bake in a 9x13 pan for a last-minute treat. Optional (but delicious!): Top with a dusting of powdered sugar for a sweet finish.

4. Key lime pie dip

This party-friendly dessert dip from Life with the Crust Off uses one cup of Key lime juice mixed with sweetened condensed milk to create a thick, creamy topping for graham crackers or vanilla cookies. Don't have Key lime juice on hand? Use regular lime juice or the juice of a few fresh limes instead. Then top with whipped cream and garnish with a lime twist.

5. Strawberry fudge

You don't even need the stovetop for this strawberry fudge recipe from Six Sisters' Stuff: Just microwave a container of strawberry frosting and 12 ounces of almond bark, stir, and allow to set in the refrigerator. (Add festive sprinkles for extra color.) The end result is a sugary pink treat that's perfect on a dessert buffet, as a party favor, or for an indulgent midday treat.

6. Banana and peanut butter ice cream

Enjoy two classic flavors in this Two Peas and Their Pod recipe for banana and peanut butter ice cream -- which is made with just bananas and peanut butter. Freeze ripe bananas and then blend them until they whip into a rich, creamy, icy dessert; then add peanut butter and blend to combine. If you have ice cream toppings on hand, try adding chocolate sauce or whipped cream for a banana split-inspired sundae.

7. Meringue kisses

Meringues don't require many ingredients -- just sugar and egg whites -- but they take a little more work than just stirring a can of fruit into a box of cake mix, which means they're a go-to treat for when you want to show you put in a little more effort (think holiday cookie platters or get well soon baskets). Whisk warm sugar into whipped egg whites and then pipe the batter into bite-sized kisses. You can also leave them white or add food coloring in any shade. These raspberry meringue kisses from Domestic Goddess make lovely holiday treats.