7 Summer Beach Hats That Will Make You Feel Like a Goddess 

posted: 05/19/17
by: Katie Morton

Summer rays can wreak havoc on our delicate skin, causing sunburn and premature aging. So, what's a sun-loving lady to do to protect her face while she's outside? The answer is simple: Reach for a summer sun hat! The right hat will not only protect your face, but also make you feel like a beachside goddess.

Here are our picks for this summer's top sun hats. With any of these, you're sure to add glamorous panache to your sassy summer style.



J Crew Straw Hat
J Crew

1. J. Crew Textured Straw Hat

Crew's classic straw hat in a dusty dune hue flatters all complexions. The extra-broad brim shades your eyes from bright beams. Best of all, the flexible shape folds for easy packing, making it a must-have travel accessory.
Kate Spade Sun Hat

2. Kate Spade La Vie en Rose Striped Sun Hat

Kate Spade's La Vie en Rose Striped Sun Hat will make you feel like you're seaside in the South of France (even if you're just at the kiddie pool). This design is undeniably charming, featuring adorable grosgrain ribbon accents. The rose embroidered font on the brim proclaims La Vie en Rose (translation: life in pink)--a fun take on a classic accessory.

Black Banana Republic Sun Hat
Banana Republic

3. Banana Republic Crochet Mesh Sun Hat

Banana Republic's elegant, mesh sun hat will keep you cool, covered, and looking alluringly mysterious. The hat's classic black shade would be epically elegant paired with a sleek, black bathing suit. This sunhat also comes in white, if you're one who favors paler shades for summer.

Red Feathered Hat

4. Nordstrom's Feathered Sinamay Hat

Scarlet faux feathers and a crimson-colored, lush bloom dance on the brim of this stunning sun hat. Whether you pair this hat with solid colors for an elegant look or tropical prints for exotic resort flair, you're sure to turn heads on the beach.

Stripped Floppy Hat

5. Target's Merona Floppy Hat

Dramatic, sassy stripes will have you strutting your stuff on the sand. Target's Merona Floppy Hat is a classy pick for an island vacation or summer beachside party. And you can't beat the price--this fun hat is just $14.99 on Target's website!

Magenta hat black ribbon
Hats of the Belfry

6. Hat's in the Belfry Genuine Panama Big Brim

Hat's in the Belfry's take on the big brimmed hat will make you feel like a Hollywood starlet. This unique, handcrafted hat is a rich fuchsia hue, complemented by a black ribbon bow. This stunning hat is also waterproof, making it the perfect companion for a day at the beach or pool.

Straw and denim hat

7. Anthropologie's Menorca Straw Hat

Anthropologie's Menorca Straw Hat is charming with its hand-painted, blue trim. A navy, denim ribbon wraps around the brim for casual flair. This hat is a fun and fresh accessory, perfect for a day by the shore.

There are tons of summer hat options out there--one to suit each woman's style and personality. This summer, make a style statement by donning the sun hat that brings out your inner beachside goddess!