7 Stress-Free Tips for Surviving The Holiday Madness

posted: 12/08/15
by: Courtney Reimer
picture of woman stressing at holiday
1. Keep it simple. Take a look at your calendar and shopping list: what can you remove from it? Do you have to go to your former coworker's holiday party? Do you have to buy something for your mother-in-law's sister? Are you going overboard on the decorating? Make a vow to do one less thing in each of those categories (events, shopping, decorating), and you'll automatically reduce your stress level.

2. Make a list. Santa was onto something with that whole making a list and checking it twice thing. Not only does it help make things like holiday cards and gifts more manageable, there's a special burst of euphoria that comes with crossing something off that to-do list.

3. Outsource. Is your partner/husband contributing as much as she/he should? Do you have kids old enough to take on some of the decorating? No (wo)man should have to go it alone during the holidays, so there's no time like the present to call in some backup.

4. Do a secret santa instead of doing it all. So often we get in the habit of buying a gift for every single person we know, but really most of us could do a lot more with less in our lives -- both on the giving and receiving ends. So instead of having every adult in your family give everyone else something, draw names for a secret santa. Everyone still gets something, but everyone's stress is exponentially dialed back.

5. Multitask and shop. Can't (or don't want to) escape to the mall? Thanks to the ubiquity of online shopping, you can now buy gifts from the comfort of your sofa while you half-watch TV. Or if you're one of the eat-lunch-at-your-desk crowd, you can also eat lunch and shop at your desk. Check out our Ultimate Gift Guide for some inspiration.

6. Let it go. You're not going to be able to do (or buy, or decorate) everything this season. If you acknowledge that now, you'll save yourself a ton of anxiety.

7. Reward yourself. And after you've checked things off your list, marshaled the help of your family, and multitasked your shopping, give yourself a pat on the back, and then treat yourself to an extra-long bath, or an extra goodie just for you. You've earned it!