7 Storage Solutions That’ll Organize Your Kids’ Junk for $10 or Less

posted: 04/11/16
by: Blythe Copeland

For small people, kids sure do accumulate a huge amount of stuff -- from toys and books to outdoor gear and clothes. Keeping everything organized can feel like an epic task, and one that you have to rethink after every birthday, holiday, or change of seasons. These seven options for bins, baskets, crates, and small storage can help.

1. The Land of Nod Strapping Shelf Basket

Strapping shelf baskets from The Land of Nod are a surprisingly spacious way to add extra storage under your coffee table, on narrow bookshelves, or on a nightstand. Use them to store board books, dolls, toy trains, play food, or bulky art supplies -- and choose from 17 different shades to match your decor or create a color-coded organizing system. Sophisticated colors and a sturdy woven construction make them an ideal way to hide toys in your home's more grown up rooms, too. (The Land of Nod, $8.95)

2. Gear Up Pencil Case

Classic pencil cases aren't just for keeping your kid's school desk organized. This 8x3 inch zip-close pouch comes in handy for any small items you need to keep corralled: crayons and markers, small electronics and chargers, hair accessories and bracelets, or favorite toy cars. The Gear Up pencil case from PBteen comes in a variety of color and prints, so you can always tell whose treasures are in which case -- but they can also be monogrammed to avoid arguments. (PBteen, $9.50)

3. The Container Store Shoe Box

Though The Container Store's plastic shoe box is designed to keep your heels, sneakers, and flats within view and easily accessible, it's also a incredibly versatile storage box for use outside the closet. It's just the right size for storing small figurines, Play Doh, paints and brushes, mini puzzles, magnetic building pieces, and more, and the near-perfect rectangular shape lets you maximize your space by stacking multiple boxes. The store's own storage line also includes boxes sized for accessories, boots, and more, so you can find one that's the right size for whatever you're trying to organize. (The Container Store, $1.89)

4. Pillowfort Fabric Cube Storage Bin

Fabric bins are a popular storage solution because they offer plenty of space for bulky toys (or ugly ones) while fitting neatly into cube organizers. Upgrade the look of your bins with graphic prints, trendy metallics, and practical stripes in the Pillowfort line from Target. Mix and match designs in mint, coral, gray, navy, gold, and tan for a custom look. (Target, $9.99)

5. Sterilite Large File Crate

This open-top file crate from Sterilite is wide enough to hold legal or letter-sized hanging folders, which makes it just right for storing kids' school assignments and artwork, but skip the folders and you're left with a sturdy storage option. Stack a few in the garage to hold balls and sports equipment, leave one on the front porch for easy access to bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and Frisbees in the summer, or use them in the playroom for board games or dress-up clothes. (Walmart, $6)

6. Tint Stacking Drawer

Make the most of a tight space by filling it with small Tint stacking drawers. The 15 inch-deep drawers hold everything from art supplies and Legos to mittens and hats, and pull out smoothly so little ones can access their toys and accessories all on their own. Colored drawers let you see what's inside while giving your space a cohesive look and helping cut back on the visual clutter of clear storage options. (The Container Store, $8)

7. Kusiner Storage Baskets

This set of three baskets with fabric loops for hanging helps you use your playroom's vertical space to its best advantage. Hang the set under a shelf to store puzzle pieces and small stuffed animals, or in your foyer for mittens and hats. The different numbers and colors help young kids identify each basket, so they can remember where each item belongs. (Ikea, $5 for three)