7 Steps to Making a Gorgeous Gallery Wall

posted: 02/01/16
by: Mara Betsch
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    A Portrait to Your Soul?

    No one likes staring at blank walls, and if you can't afford pieces of art or large mirrors, a gallery wall may be the answer to your interior design prayers. It's easy -- just gather framed photos, prints, architectural elements, small mirrors, block letters, or really anything else you have lying around the house. Yard sales and thrift stores are great places to pick up old frames and knickknacks, if that's your style. From there, the possibilities are endless, which can make this a daunting task. First, pick a layout (there are endless options), and then follow our steps for creating a unique, beautiful gallery wall.

    1. Come up with a palette

    While choosing your pieces, be sure to take into account the colors of your existing furniture and textiles. Choosing complementary pieces that blend into your room is one options, or, if you want to make your gallery wall stand out, be sure to choose bolder colors than the rest of the room.

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    2. Mix large and small

    Thought there are elegant ways to create gallery walls with similar sized artwork, throw out the misconception that large-scale art should be placed by itself. Go ahead, try mixing a 40-inch frames with 8x10 photos! We guarantee that you'll be pleased with your finished look.


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    3. Add something unexpected

    Most gallery walls are comprised of photos or prints, but a well-placed block letter, arrow, light, wall clock or maybe some anglers, will add interest and pull things together.


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    4. Consider going minimal

    Although it's fun to use bright colors to add a pop of color to a bland room, the opposite is true. If you're trying to fill the walls in an eclectic room, using neutral wood colors, along with black and white, can be a nice, eye-pleasing look


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    5. Play with proportions

    Though most gallery walls occupy a section of a wall, there's no reason to stop there! Consider adding floor-to-ceiling prints or perhaps adding a gallery wall to a corner or nook. There are no rules! See how Elle Decor has created a beautiful breakfast table space.

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    6. Use both round and square frame

    Especially for those with edgier, more modern style, this is a great way to mix in a variety of pieces as well as vintage mirrors, clocks, and other round pieces.


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    7. Place them in unexpected places

    Sure, everyone expects gallery walls in living rooms and bedrooms, but why not place them somewhere no one is looking? This gorgeous bathroom gallery wall from Poppytalk is perfect inspiration for adding art to every room in your home!