7 Stages of Losing Your Phone #GadgetGrief

posted: 05/15/15

We've all been there - that awful moment when you realize your beloved smartphone is missing. Whether it was due to one too many margaritas or just a scatterbrained moment, your favorite piece of technology is gone and it's never coming back. Here are the seven (sort of) official stages of gadget grief you'll experience.

  1. Shock and denial

You think to yourself: "No, this isn't happening. There's no way; it's here somewhere. It has to be!" Like a madman you dump out your purse, your heart is racing, you begin to sweat, you're moving so quickly you could win an Olympic Gold for sprinting. You retrace your steps, asking everyone in your path if they've seen your beloved phone. Yet you return home, still empty-handed, and now your house looks like a tornado ran through it.

  1. Pain and guilt

You start to feel a pit in your stomach, you can't eat, and you consider pouring a glass of wine, but you know it won't take away the pain that you feel. How could you be so careless and reckless to abandon your prized possession (I mean, besides your family, of course)? You think of it all alone in the world, probably cold, and hungry for nourishment (a charge).

  1. Anger and bargaining

This is where you begin to lash out and blame others for your loss. This isn't your fault -- this is Beth's fault, because if Beth hadn't have come over to vent about her mother-in-law, you might still have my phone. Why didn't anyone ask you where your phone was before you lost it?

  1. Depression, reflection and loneliness

Your friends think you should be moving on but you just keep replaying all the good times in your head - when you first discovered Candy Cursh; when you finally got the crystal-encrusted case you always wanted. It was always right next to you when you laid your head down at night. When you were uncomfortable in social settings, you'd always turn to it and know it'd be there to make it look like you were checking a super important email.

  1. The upward turn

Maybe it's for the better, maybe you were too attached to it and forgot to live your own life? You were so consumed that you didn't even look up to smell the roses despite your Instagram of roses captioned with "Don't forget to stop and smell the roses #simplethings."

  1. Reconstruction and working through

After an hour, you've figure out what you saved in the ominous cloud - contacts, photos, etc. Get to the store, explain your loss, see what your options are, and move forward. It might be expensive, but few things are more painful than losing your digital best friend - money comes and goes.

  1. Acceptance and hope

Phew! You were due for an upgrade! This new phone is so much faster, younger and slimmer than that old one. What was it's name again?