7 Recipes to Change Up Your Breakfast

posted: 04/14/15
by: Kelly Rossiter
scrambled eggs
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Scrambled eggs make an awesome morning meal.
Kelly Rossiter

I have to admit that I am deeply devoted to my toast for breakfast. I happen to rise at about 5:30 am every day, so by the time 9:00 rolls around, like a hobbit I am ready for my second breakfast. By that time I'm liable to eat just about anything, so leftovers often find their way onto my breakfast plate. I know that lots of people have a bowl of cerealand then get on with their day, but I don't find that satisfying enough. I often have oatmeal, but I'm just as likely to have a bowl of soup.

When we were in Italy last fall, I was in breakfast heaven. Prosciutto every day for breakfast! I'd pile my plate with cold meat and cheese and fruit and my husband would have a bowl of granola with yogurt. Boring! So here are some ideas for livening up your first meal of the day. Some of them are quite breakfast-like, some not so much.

1. Sausage and Egg on an English Muffin

This egg and sausage on an english muffin is one of my husband's favorite breakfasts. It's an occasional weekend treat and we always look forward to it. I prefer mine with scrambled eggs, and you could make it with a poached egg as well.

2. Congee with Bok Choy

Congee with bok choy is one of the world's great comfort foods and makes a fantastic breakfast for the kids. Think of it as an Asian style oatmeal, perfect for a cold winter morning.

3. Miso Soup with Rice and a Poached Egg

While I loved breakfast in Italy, my husband loved breakfast Japan where he visited a number of times. Miso soup, salmon, greens and of course, rice, were all part of breakfast there. Feeding him this miso soup made him a bit nostalgic.

4. Scrambled Eggs with Avocado, Onion and Cheddar

I often pump up scrambled eggs when I make them, adding sausage or some cheese. This scrambled egg with avocado was a nice change from the regular eggs I make. This Indian-style scrambled egg recipe is also fantastic.

5. Egg Salad Sandwich With Smoked Salmon

Who says your morning eggs have to be hot? This is a great breakfast for those who are rushed in the morning. Mix up egg salad the night before and then make the sandwich in the morning. You can put the smoked salmon right into the egg salad as I've done here, or you can put it on top.

6. Mushroom Crepes

I know lots of people swear by pancakes for breakfast, but making crepes is a nice change. If your kids aren't big mushroom fans, you can make crepes with just about anything. Chicken in a cream sauce, spinach, whatever they like.

7. Herbed Sun-Dried Tomato and Cheese Bread

While this sun-dried tomato and cheese bread doesn't fit my toast requirements, it's still a pretty delicious way to start the day. It takes a while to bake, so make it the night before. The bread is so moist, there won't be any problem.