7 Real Haunted Houses You Can Actually Visit

posted: 10/21/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
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    The Lizzie Borden House

    Located in Fall River, MA, the home was the site of an infamous murder in the 1800’s. Lizzie was the young daughter of a wealthy man. Her father and stepmother were killed in the home by several blows with an ax. Now the home is a bed and breakfast. Daring guests can stay in the place where both parents were murdered.

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    Winchester Mystery House:

    Located in San Jose, California, this home was built by the heiress to a gun fortune and was specifically built to confuse spirits. The home was constantly being worked on for all the years Mrs.Winchester lived in it and much was designed in strange ways. With stairs going nowhere and multiples of 13 everywhere, the home is a mystery in a conundrum in an enigma and can be toured and explored.

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    Lemp Mansion

    Located in St. Louis, Missouri, this bed and breakfast was home to several members of the Lemp family who all committed suicide and are said to still haunt the premises. Pretty terrifyingto even fathom a night spent here.

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    The Villisica Ax Murder House

    In Iowa, this house sitsempty after a family of six and their two young house guests were brutally murdered with an ax one night more than100 years ago. No one knows who did it and their spirits may still haunt the place. A tragic story with a very spooky imprint left behind makes for a potentially potent encounter. You can actually rent the house and sleep there. Alone. Enter if you dare.

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    Stanley Hotel

    This hotelin New York state is said to be the most haunted hotel on the East Coast. The hotel was built in 1895, after a previous hotel burned down. Many people have died there, including a 3-year-old girl who fell down a well and is said to haunt the place with a “happy go lucky spirit” and an older woman who died of the flu on the second floor. It’s still open for business so book a night and you may be lucky (or unlucky) and have an otherworldly encounter.

  • Image Credit: Instagram/themyrtlesplantation

    The Myrtles Plantation

    Deep in Louisiana, this plantation is hauntedby the ghost of a man who was shot outside the home and stumbled inside to die. It is considered one of the most haunted homes in the US and can be toured or rented for the night.

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    Whaley House

    San Diego, California is more than just beaches and palm trees. It is also home to some ghosts. The Whaley House is said to be haunted by the spirits of the Whaley family who once lived there. Some say it is the most haunted house in all of the US. But you can be the judge. The house is open for both day and night tours. Check it out when you visit Old Town San Diego.