7 Pretty Pastel Rainbow Desserts for Spring

posted: 03/31/17
by: Blythe Copeland
Rainbow desserts
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Bring the bright colors of spring to your next dessert table with these beautiful rainbow desserts: From swirled cheesecake and frosted layer cakes to simple pretzel snacks and candy bark, there's something for every sweet tooth.

Tie Dye Cheesecake
Sprinkles for Breakfast
Tie dye cheesecake from Sprinkles for Breakfast gets its rainbow swirl design by dividing the batter into quarters and dyeing each a different color; then using a piping bag to swirl the colors together in the pan. Add bright sprinkles to a crushed cookie crust for sweet finish.
Pastel Confetti Cake
Brit & Co
This pastel confetti cake from Brit & Co makes a stunning presentation -- but calls for boxed vanilla cake mix and premade frosting, so it's easy enough for a novice baker. Plan to frost the layers together and then refrigerate the cake for 15 minutes before adding a second layer of frosting and the confetti sprinkles.
Easter Bunny Bark
Sally's Baking Addiction
Simple candy bark -- a Christmas favorite -- gets a spring makeover with a few simple swaps from Sally's Baking Addiction Use white chocolate for the top layer, and sprinkle with crushed pastel candy eggs, chocolates, sprinkles, mini marshmallows, cookies, candy pearls, and swirled food dye.
flower pretzel bites
Dessert Now Dinner Later
These simple flower pretzel bites from Dessert Now Dinner Later are springtime twist on the classic pretzel-Hershey's-Kiss-M&M combo. Start with a square mini pretzel, top it with a white chocolate candy melt, warm in the microwave for about a minute, and then push round chocolate candies down to create a flower shape. (Bonus: It's an easy recipe that little hands can work on, too.)
Rainbow Unicorn Dip
Make this can't-get-enough rainbow unicorn dip from Delish ahead of time to cut back on your day-of party prep. Mix cream cheese, marshmallow fluff, powdered sugar, vanilla, and salt; then divide and dye each section a different color. Swirl the colors together and add colored sugar, sprinkles, and other pretty toppings before serving.
Dipped Strawberries
Wilton Industries

Simple dipped strawberries are an eye-catching addition to your dessert buffet -- and a slightly healthier choice for anyone watching their diet. Use white candy melts to dip the berries, and after the chocolate has set, drizzle colored melts over the berries using a piping bag. Top with sugar sprinkles for a sparkling finish.

Springtime Cupcake in a Jar
Two Sisters Crafting
A layered cupcake in a jar from Two Sisters Crafting is a pretty way to use up leftover cake crumbles -- and a quicker way to get the rainbow look than dividing up the batter. They used white frosting in between the layers, but if you prefer chocolate or vanilla cake, dye the frosting for a similar end result.