7 Pretty DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Kids Can Make

posted: 02/08/16
by: Katie Morton

What better way to celebrate the holiday of love than by spending one-on-one time creating something special with your little Valentine? Whether your child is a toddler or a tween, honor Cupid's impending arrival with one of these family friendly craft projects. The bonus is that none of these projects cost more than a few dollars, so you can use that extra dough for a sitter and date night with your grown-up Valentine!

1. Fabric Valentine's wreath

A raspberry-hued fabric heart wreath creates swoon-worthy decor. Simply hand-knot pieces of fabric on a heart-shaped wreath for an easy, mess-free afternoon craft. This adorable project can then beautifully adorn the door of your child's room or decorate the entryway.

2. Acts of love jar

Remind your family of their love every day with sweet notes from your Acts of Love jar. A Mason jar and scraps of notepaper are all you need to make this simple craft. You can then gift to your husband or wife, or share with the kids for a personal gift that warms their heart long after the candy hearts have been polished off.

3. Valentine's countdown calendar

Part of the fun of celebrating a holiday is the anticipation of counting down until that one special day. Make your own countdown to Cupid with vibrantly patterned craft store bags, ribbon, and a frame or dry-erase board. Let your kids pick one bag each day before school or after homework--include a sweet treat in each bag for an added surprise!

4. Hand-painted vases

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without lush bouquets and the aroma of roses. Why spend money on a non-descript glass vase when a handcrafted treasure can be created in just minutes? Opaque paint in red or pink and sparkly accents turn a dollar store find into a keepsake you'll treasure forever.


5. Valentine's popcorn buckets

All parents know that spending time with your children is showing love. What better way to do this than with a family movie night? With a few simple craft materials, you and your kids can create DIY popcorn buckets for that next Disney marathon. You may also consider handing out these cute buckets stuffed with popcorn bags as V-Day classroom gifts.

6. Red and white frame

A simple craft store frame decorated with red and white candies or colored balls makes for a fun, easy way to display treasured family photos. Let the kids use washable craft glue to affix the baubles and make it their own. When you're finished, a black and white photo would be the perfect accompaniment to the bold primary colors.

7. Bubble gum necklace

Every well-dressed girl needs her own string of pearls. Sugar AND jewelry --this creative craft covers two Valentine's classics. You've heard of arm candy; well, this is neck candy (literally)! A satin ribbon and colored gum balls let your little fashionista thread her own adorably delicious necklace. The hardest part of this craft is trying not to sample the goods during crafting!

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Valentine's Day is the celebration of love. Warm up on cold February days by spending time creating something beautiful with your family that you'll all treasure. Long after the holiday is over, the memories of time spent together and your finished craft will remind you and your child about the true meaning of love.