7 Picnic Hacks That’ll Make Outdoor Events a Breeze

posted: 05/27/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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    Your Best Barbecue

    It's almost summer, which means outdoor events are already filling up your calendar. If your weekend plans involve a family picnic or a barbecue with the neighbors, clearly you know how to do a weekend right! But before you ask everyone if they want hot dogs or hamburgers, you need to check out our favorite barbecue hacks. They'll keep your food fresh and make your life instantly easier!

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    Keep Deviled Egg Intact

    Deviled eggs are delicious, but they usually don't travel well. So if you're bringing the deviled eggs, don't assemble those yummy eggs at home. Place the egg mixture in a freezer bag and pack the egg whites in a plastic container. When you get to the barbecue, use scissors to snip off the bottom corner on the freezer bag and pipe the egg mixture into egg whites. (Image from Life at Cloverhill)

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    Stop Bugs in Their Tracks

    If it's getting a little buggy at your event, which tends to happen this time of year, save everyone's drinks by putting a muffin liner upside down onto everyone's cups. You can even push a straw through the center. Now everyone's drinks will be adorable and bug-free. (Image from One Crazy House)

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    Make an Instant Chip Bowl

    Did you run out of bowls for chips? No worries! Just push the bottom of the chip bag upwards and inside itself to turn it instantly into the perfect snack bowl. Perfect for cleanup too! (Image from LifeHacker)

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    Freeze Water Bottles

    Freeze a few bottles of water the night before your barbecue. Then add frozen bottles in with the rest of your drinks. They'll keep all of the other drinks cool and when the ice melts, they'll be perfect for cooling you off. You can also try freezing water balloons too (just be sure to leave room for them to expand a little bit). When the ice melts, your kids will love playing with them. (Image from 50 Campfires)

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    Use Muffin Tins for Condiments

    Put your muffin tins to work by filling one with all of the condiments for your hamburgers and hot dogs. Use another to fill up and pass out drinks. No messes here! (Image from The King of Random)

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    Make a Kiddie Pool Buffet

    If it's a really hot day and you're worried about food sitting out in the heat, fill up a kiddie pool with ice and lay the food in the pool. Everything will stay yummy and the presentation is adorable too. (Image from Beauty and Bedlam)

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    Add Duct Tape to Lids

    When you're trying to fill up your plate, taking lids on and off the food containers is such a pain, but it keeps those pesky bugs out. Help your guests out by adding a strip of duct tape that connects the lid to the container and becomes and instant hinge. The food is protected, but the lids aren't a problem anymore. (Image from Home Depot)