7 Old-School Halloween Costumes to DIY This Year

posted: 10/13/15
by: Blythe Copeland

A fun Halloween costume doesn't have to be just about picking out your kid's favorite branded princess or superhero: It can also be about putting your own spin on a classic and using what you already have to make a one-of-a-kind finished product.

1. Bumblebee

Though bumblebee costumes are in plentiful supply at Halloween -- and you have options ranging from warm and fuzzy infant outfits to skimpy options for adults and teens -- this is an easy one to DIY. Start with a yellow or black shirt and add strips of wide tape in the opposite color. Pair with a yellow tutu and black tights; then add wings (or DIY your own with these instructions from DIY Divas) and modify a headband with pipe cleaners and pompoms.

2. Scarecrow

Turn your little guy into a scarecrow with a few simple items you probably already have at home: Denim overalls, a plaid shirt or sweater, a bandanna, and a hat. The finishing touch is a little bit of straw, stuffed into the pockets or attached to the hat. Can't find any straw? Send him out in the same items and call him a farmer.

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3. Black cat

The black cat costume is another classic look you can make with reusable, versatile pieces for kids or adults: Pair a long-sleeved black shirt and leggings or pants with black shoes, a headband with ears, and a tail. (Add a black tutu or skirt for dress up-obsessed girls.) Use non-toxic face paint to color in a pink nose and gray whiskers.

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4. Scuba diver

You don't need to dress up in full scuba gear to get the idea of this costume across--just wear all black and add a mask; then connect a clear tube from the mask to a plastic bottle spray painted silver to mimic an oxygen tank. Official flippers will be hard to walk in -- not ideal for trick or treating -- but black sneakers will work just as well; you can also put a mock flipper over just the top of the shoe to hide the sneaker without getting in the way of your little one's balance.

5. Pirate

A pirate costume can be as elaborate or as simple as you want, but it doesn't have to mean buying a pre-made outfit with complicated layers and wigs. Keep it basic with a black and white striped shirt, bandanna belt, red pants, and a Jolly Roger hat (which you can buy or make using an easy template). Help your kid perfect her "Arrrr" and you're ready for Halloween.

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6. Chef

If your kids already have aprons in their dress-up box then you are almost finished with a chef costume -- though if you want to make it more official, use a white jacket or long-sleeved adult's white shirt topped with a checkered neckerchief. Make a chef's hat from tissue paper and card stock and add props like a big spoon or rolling pin for extra authenticity.

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7. Robot

Put all those Amazon Prime boxes to good use by turning them into an old-school robot costume. Cut holes for the arms, and add dryer vent tubing for sleeves; then spray paint the boxes any color you want, and add buttons and dials (just make sure to leave a generous opening for the face so your child's vision isn't blocked at all). For a high-tech version of the classic, use battery powered string lights poking through the box for decoration.

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