7 Life Hacks to Help You Survive Your Next Beach Trip

posted: 06/23/15
by: Blythe Copeland
kids at the beach

Even if you've spent a week every summer of your whole life at the same beach, you can still learn a few new tricks to make your vacation go more smoothly. From minimizing meal prep to packing a better beach snack, here are seven ways to make this trip your best (and easiest!) yet.

1. Pack baby powder. Make sure to have this in your beach bag: When you rub it on sandy skin, the sand will fall away (minimizing how much of the beach ends up in your car, shoes, or house).

2. Get ahead on meal prep. The last thing you want to do after a day at the beach is think about cooking, but a week or more of takeout isn't healthy for you (or your wallet). Prep versatile meal basics before you go: Cook ground meat that you can use in tacos or spaghetti sauce, grill chicken for sandwiches, salads, or kebabs; and chop raw veggies for fast and simple beach snacks or quick dinner salads.

3. Make your own juice pouches. Just fill resealable plastic bags with your favorite drink and then inserting a straw when you get to the beach. For an even more summery treat, freeze them first as this blogger did with lemonade (vodka optional!).

4. Keep snacks organized. If you packed your kids' lunch boxes away on the last day of school, it's time to get them back out --and consider getting some divided containers for the adults in your family, too. Pack beach meals and snacks in sturdy containers that won't leave you with a bag full of crushed cookies and bruised fruit (we like the adorable Sugarbooger from Ore Originals).

5. Don't forget straw! If you're bringing yogurt, applesauce, or other individually packaged snack cups to the beach, include a few extra straws: Just poke a straw through the foil top to turn your treat into a drinkable, sand-free option.

6. Prep for the worst. Fill ice cube trays with aloe vera gel and put them in the freezer before you hit the beach. If you come home with a nasty sunburn, the cold will help soothe it as the aloe works.

7. Have a backup plan. Stuck with a rainy day? Get the kids' creativity flowing with melted crayon shell art, made by coloring on shells warmed in the oven. (One warning: Since the shells are hot, this is a craft better for older kids. Little ones can paint instead.)