7 Holiday Cards That Absolutely Nailed It

posted: 12/15/16
by: Katie Morton

Can you believe it's almost that time of year? That's right; holiday card season is upon us. If you're looking for an adorable theme, we've got you covered. Read on for inspiration for aww-worthy holiday card ideas.

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  • Image Credit: Dana Willard

    I'm Dreaming Of

    Each family member has their own wish list…be as witty or as playful as you like. P.S. Busy Moms, we know you’re all dreaming about a bubble bath the day after Santa.

  • Image Credit: Instagram/@thedailyella

    Here Comes Santa Paws

    Do you have a fur child? Share their fuzzy face with your nearest and dearest. If your pet will tolerate accessories, a Santa hat or an Elf outfit adds instant holiday cheer.

  • Image Credit: Instagram/@brownfoxcreative

    Merry & Married

    Are you a newlywed? Congrats! It’s super simple to convert your wedding photos into classically beautiful photo cards. Bonus: Convert your wedding photo into a holiday magnet. Your family will love the daily fridge reminder of your special day.

  • Image Credit: Instagram/@tiffanyangelle

    And A Baby Makes It 3

    Is your family expecting something other than just a visit from Santa? Share the news in your holiday card in a creative way. A tiny red mitten and onesie hung from a clothesline are pretty darn cute.

  • Baby In A Box
    Image Credit: Instagram/@j_aimephotography

    Baby In A Box

    This cubby cheeked little one makes even a wooden crate look adorable. If this is baby’s first Christmas, all you need is your little one and a few props to create your own heart-warming card.

  • Image Credit: Instagram/@heycharlieee

    Just Hangin Out This Holiday

    Kids are at their best when they’re relaxed. Capture a REAL smile from your child this season by saying “no thanks” to staid clothing and stiff photo poses. Let them pick out their seasonal outfit and pose freely for a fun, candid shot which let’s their personality shine through.

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    Funny Cards

    Sometimes the best holiday photos are the ones that capture real moments. The epic expression on this little one’s face is sure to amuse even the most jaded holiday cynic. Your holiday card will bring smiles far and wide when you choose one of these cute themes. Have fun with your card this year and pick a theme that fits you and your family best. Cheers and happy holidays!