7 Healthy-ish Meals That Will Satisfy Your Cravings

posted: 08/01/17
by: Kristine Boyd

Trying to eat healthy, balanced meals 7 days a week is not always an obtainable goal. Often when we try to eat extremely clean with no exceptions, we end up scarfing down a whole pizza by ourselves by day 3. These healthy-ish meals allow you to eat delicious, balanced food with a little indulgence to keep you sane. Who says you can't put some bacon on your salad every once in a while? These awesome meals will make it easy to have a healthier lifestyle.

1. Chicken Tenders from Bon Appetit

Satisfy your craving for crispy, fried chicken tenders with this baked chicken recipe. Bon Appetit calls this their "Magic Cripsy Chicken" with the claim that it will be the crunchiest baked chicken you've ever had. This delicious meal is a must for those who have major fast food cravings.

2. Pappardelle and Prawn Alfredo from The Soup Solution

Mix zuchinni ribbons in with your pappardelle to create a lower carb version of your favorite pasta dish. This will double your pasta portion while halving your carb intake. It's a win-win situation! Pair this with your favorite healthy protein and pasta sauce for a quick and easy weeknight meal.

Pappardelle & prawn Alfredo, with zucchini ribbons from my stories the other day. You guys loved this one so much, I remade it the next day to get a proper shot. I can't tell what I love most about this meal. The fact my family devours it with hardly a mutter; that it's on the table in well under 30 minutes {depending on how long your pot of water takes to boil ?}; or that it rivals any gourmet resto-dish I've had for a while. No question, the flavour combination is solid, but once you experience the mix of textures with the al dente zucchini, delicate pasta, the pop as you bite into a garlicky shrimp that's smothered in the silky sauce, and those crispy breadcrumbs... I almost can't even ????. If you missed the makings in my stories, I've left the link in my bio to the recipe from way back. The only difference is I used two small zucchinis for the ribbons and 1/2 pound pappardelle pasta. Sending lazy Sunday vibes to all! ??? #myfamilyfoodlife #mysoupsolution #eatwell _________ #serioussoups #thenewhealthy #foodpics #howisummer #alfredo #pasta #yvrfood #familyfood #realsimple #huffposttaste #vancityeats #damndelicious #foodandwine #instafood #eatrealfood #vancouvermoms #inmykitchen #kidsmeal #iphone7plus #yvrmom #realsimple #yougottaeatthis #lifehack #yvrdelivery #gloobyfood #FeedFeed

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3. Portobello Pizza by The Soup Solution

With this recipe, you can have pizza whenever you want and your body won't know the difference. These delicious pizza stuffed Portobello mushrooms give you all the flavor of pizza on a healthier crust. The mushroom adds even more flavor to your pizza and makes this a hearty meal. You'll love this one!

Never mind {for a moment} that these pizza-stuffed portobellos are low-carb, gluten-free & vegetarian because frankly, they're so unbelievably simple and tasty, you'll love them even if you're a meat-loving carboholic. Veggie-goodness aside, the simplicity of these mushroomy morsels is only slightly overshadowed by their yumminess. The best part though? They're totally filling without being - you know - "filling". Honestly, even I was surprised and "accidentally" ate both of them. Don't tell my husband...I was saving one for him. If your kiddos like mushrooms, I have no doubt these would be a hit. Did I mention they're on your table in under 15 minutes? Check the comments for the details then go make these for dinner! #pizza #mushrooms #easymeals

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4. Healthy Salmon Burgers from Bon Appetit

We all love a good burger, but red meat can be extremely high in unhealthy fat. Try switching out ground beef for salmon! A burger made from fish may sound intimidating, but Bon Appetit has created, what they think is, the most delicious salmon burger you'll ever make! This recipe will become part of your weekly meal plan.

5. Quinoa Crusted Fish Nuggets from Cooking Light

Are you a fish n chips fanatic? If so, this recipe will be your new go-to. Instead of dunking fish in a heavy batter and deep frying them, try this instead! Crust your favorite white fish in quinoa flour and bake until golden brown. Serve with a traditional tartar sauce for an indulgent treat.

6. Garlic Brussel Sprouts with Creamy Aioli by The Minimalist Baker

You might bake Brussel sprouts in the oven all the time, but they are getting a little boring. Mix it up by adding a delicious creamy siracha aioli. This sauce takes your vegetables to the next level. Use this amazing aioli as an incentive to eat more brussel sprouts and you will be eating these every night!

7. Grain Free Berry Crisp from The Minimalist Baker

We can't forget dessert. Many think to be healthy you have to skip dessert all together. We think that is false! Make this super indulgent berry crisp that is grain free, dairy free, and made with natural sweeteners. Nothing artificial in here! You'll be excited to dive into this one.

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