7 Hacks For Dyeing Easter Eggs With Kids

posted: 03/21/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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    Easier Easter Eggs

    It's almost Easter, and it's time to set up your annual egg dyeing extravaganza. You already know there will be a few broken eggs, a few spills to clean up, and lots of patience on your part. So make this family activity easier on you by trying these seven hacks for dying Easter eggs with kids.

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    1. Upgrade your utensils

    Whoever created those tiny wire egg holders clearly never decorated eggs with kids. Ditch that flimsy holder and let your kids use a pasta spoon or gravy ladle to dip their eggs in and out of the dye.

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    2. Use a whisk

    If you want to keep your toddler from swimming in the dye and smashing the eggs, pop their eggs into a wire whisk. They can dip as much as they want and the eggs stay intact.

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    3. Give everyone a muffin tin of dyes

    When your egg decorators don't want to share those tiny cups of dye, use a muffin tin as your egg dying pallet. This way, everyone gets their own set of dyes for their eggs. You can mix more water and vinegar to change the colors. By rolling the eggs in the tin, they can create their own Easer masterpiece.

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    4. Invest in some Kool-Aid

    Make your eggs every color of the rainbow by using Kool-Aid. Just mix the powder with a little water.

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    5. Bedazzle your eggs

    Give your eggs a little extra flair with things you already have around the house. Try temporary tattoos, glitter, white glue, or crayons for a fun effect.

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    6. Try white and brown eggs

    Change up the colors by using white and brown eggs. We already know that the white eggs will take on bright and jeweled toned colors, but the brown eggs with give you dark and earthy colors (Dream Home Decorating has some tips!). What a fun art lesson while you dye eggs.

  • It's magic!
    It's magic!
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    7. Make cleanup easier

    Fingertips covered in dye? A little coconut oil will take the dye off with just a little scrubbing. Seriously, is there anything coconut oil can't do?