7 Genius New Gadgets Every Parent Will Want

posted: 10/26/15
by: Blythe Copeland

The annual ABC Kids Expo brings together thousands of companies who all specialize in gear for kids and families: From toys and high chairs to strollers and baby carriers, the show is full of the latest and greatest products (often before they hit stores). Here are a few of the smartest solutions for 2015.

1. Pockit Stroller

The lightweight Pockit Stroller bills itself as the smallest folding stroller in the world; watch as it compresses down into just about one square foot. It's ideal for parents living in a small city apartment with no spot for storing a full-size stroller, or those who need something less bulky to take on vacation.

2. Fever Frida

FridaBaby -- the company best known for its NoseFrida snot sucker that clears runny noses -- showed off the FeverFrida. This tiny thermometer patch goes under a feverish baby's arm, and includes a Bluetooth monitor that measures your little one's temperature at four-second intervals, sending a message to your phone when the numbers go too high.

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3. Siliskin lids

Siliskin lids let you turn any cup into a toddler-friendly drink container. Stretchy silicone expands to cover the opening of most regular-sized drinking glasses, then suctions for a spill-proof seal. Choose a sippy or straw version in a variety of colors.

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4. Nursery Works Novella Crib

The Novella crib from Nursery Works is a striking addition to any nursery, with its minimalist ash frame and varied-width slats. It would look just as good in any other room of your home -- and since it converts to a versatile loveseat, you can find a place to use it long after your little one moves up to a big kid bed.

5. 4Moms High Chair

4Moms gave the traditional high chair a modern makeover by adding magnets in a few key places -- meaning you can now put the tray on with one hand (instead of sliding it into a tricky track) and use coordinating plates, cups, and bowls with magnets of their own that help the dishes stay put to minimize the mess.

6. Stack and Spin Toy

Fat Brain Toys showed off its new SpinAgain stacking toy which puts a twist on the traditional rainbow stacker by allowing each piece to rotate down a center spindle. Flip the base over to make it more difficult, or encourage your kids to stack by size or color (there's no right or wrong arrangement).

7. TwinGO Carrier

Forget doubling up on traditional baby carriers (or pushing that bulky double stroller everywhere you go!): The TwinGO carrier is an ergonomic solution for carrying two kids at the same time (even when they don't weigh the same). And for days when you do have a second adult along, you can separate it into two carriers to share the load.