7 End of Winter Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

posted: 03/01/17
by: Katie Morton
Snow covered pine trees in the rays of the setting sun. Backlight. Toned image.

The tail end of winter poses a considerable challenge for families with children. The fun and bustle of the holidays has long passed, but the cold temps limit outdoor fun. How do you prevent cabin fever from setting in? We share seven exciting indoor activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

Happy family at skating rink

1. Feel the Burn: Ice or Roller Skating

Ice or roller skating rinks are a terrific way to get some much-needed activity when dreary winter keeps you indoors. Many skating rinks offer (affordably priced) events and activities. Check your local rink's website for more information.

Family in bowling alley cheering and smiling. Family celebrating together, Father and daughter embracing.

2. Strike! Bowling for All Ages

When the winter winds are howling, bowling can be a fabulous way to spend time together as a family. Best of all: Bowling is an all-ages activity, great for all skill levels. For even more fun, check out cosmic, laser, or glow-in-the-dark bowling.

Extended Family Group Playing Board Game In Living Room At Home

3. Host a Neighborhood Board Game Party

If you find yourself snowed in, invite your children's friends over to play in a board game tournament. Ask them to bring over their favorite games to share. All you need to provide is cocoa and some kid-friendly winter snacks.

Mother and her nine month old baby boy at his first swimming lesson making selfie in the swimming pool. Smiling, enjoying water, making bubbles and looking at camera. Mother is holding him and helping him to swim.

4. Make a Splash!

You've probably heard the adage: Tired kids are happy kids. The tough thing about winter is that it can be hard to get enough daily activity. Just because the temperatures are below freezing, doesn't mean you can't find a swimming spot. Many recreation centers, gyms, and even hotels offer daily rates for their indoor pools, so you can take a dip and the kids can get a full dose of daily activity.

Sporty little girl climbing artificial boulder on practical wall in gym

5. Climb the Walls

If the cold temperatures have your kids climbing the proverbial walls, then take them somewhere where they can climb actual ones! Indoor rock climbing centers have cropped up all over the country. These centers provide age-appropriate instruction for all skill levels.

Competition for children karting indoors

6. Go! Go! Speed Racer!

Indoor go-kart tracks can get your blood pumping. Your children can drive, race, and earn points at kid-friendly indoor racetracks. Electric cars with emergency stop functions, seat belts, and roll bars allow kids as young as five to safely go-kart.

happy loving family. pretty young mother reading a book to her daughters

7. Need Some Downtime? Crack a Book

Active indoor pursuits are fun, but sometimes you crave a day of still and quiet. If someone's under the weather or the weather is too brittle to venture out, then savor the time to relax and read. Build a cozy reading nook with some pillows, blankets, and soft throws.

If your children are young, you can read storybooks aloud to them. If they're older, allow them time alone to read whatever their heart desires. If they have a favorite book series that has been turned into a movie--for instance, Harry Potter--then make that evening a book-inspired viewing party.

Staving off that dreaded end of winter cabin fever takes some creativity. The cold chill of winter's last act means that we still have a few weekends before sunny temperatures beckon us outside. Embrace the numerous indoor activities you can do together as a family, and you'll make some winter memories to cherish.