7 Dream Playhouses for Kids of All Ages

posted: 08/17/15
by: Blythe Copeland
Little girl in playground

These dream playhouses aren't the home-built versions of your childhood: Modern, high-end playspaces come with everything from working windows and front porches to French doors, slides, and swings. And while they may not be quite as elaborate as the royal treehouse Prince Charles reportedly had refurbished for Prince George recently--reportedly costing $30,000--they'll still offer hours of fun and make-believe for your own little prince or princess.

1. Toadstool Playhouse

This fabric mushroom playhouse from the Land of Nod isn't sturdy enough to use outside -- but it's just the right size to use in the living room on rainy days or set up in your little one's bedroom to make a quiet reading nook (or an escape from pesky younger siblings). (Land of Nod, $300)

2. Little Cottage Grand Portico Mansion

At 160 square feet and 10 feet tall, the Grand Portico Mansion from Little Cottage is as big as some tiny homes designed for adult living--and with working windows, interior transoms, flower boxes, and even a French door, it's as detailed as any full-size home. (Hayneedle, $9,000)

3. Colbert Castle Playhouse

Give your little knights and ladies a castle of their own with this detailed, custom-made playhouse, which includes a rock climbing wall, working doors, and a secret room hidden behind the fireplace. (Posh Living, $7,000)

4. Hobbit Hole Playhouse Kit

Raising a little Lord of the Rings fan? Create your own tribute to the Hobbit holes of Tolkien's Middle Earth with this kit. They'll provide the wood--including pine plank flooring, cedar shingles, and other options of your choice--and building instructions, and your kids provide the imagination. (Etsy, $2,200)

5. Country Door Playhouse

This kid-size playhouse may not be as elaborate as some of the others on this list, but with its bright colors, off-center angles, and working doors and windows, it's just as much fun (and a whole lot easier to fit in your yard). (Seventh Avenue, $400)

6. Daniels Wood Land Tommys Turbo Terrace Treehouse

Daniels Wood Land provides everything you need for your own jaw-dropping treehouse -- including the tree. Each comes with a hollowed-out log that acts as an entrance, and the house is built on top. This version, with its 7' tall tube slide, balcony, and swing, is a dream play space for kids (and adults!). (Swing Set Mall, $15,000)

7. Victorian Playhouse

At just under 50 square feet, this Victorian-inspired playhouse gives little ones plenty of room inside for tea parties, hide-and-seek, or anything else their imaginations can invent. Single hung windows, flower boxes, and two different doors will have your kids feeling right at home. (Sears, $2,800)