7 Destination Wedding Planning Hacks

posted: 04/25/17
by: Katie Morton
Bride and Groom on the beach
Bride and Groom on the beach


Are wedding bells in your future? Getting hitched out-of-state or abroad combines the fun of a vacation with the once-in-a-lifetime excitement of your wedding day. Many brides and grooms have said that their destination wedding was the very best of both worlds. Here are our top tips to make the most of your destination wedding planning.

1. Pare Down the Guest List

Part of the beauty of a destination wedding is that you can plan a fabulous, intimate affair. While, of course, you want your nearest and dearest to attend, realize that some guests won't be able to foot the cost of plane fare and a hotel. The good news is that this means that each and every person at your wedding will be someone who truly wants to celebrate with you. Parents, siblings, and close friends--you'll truly be surrounded by loving faces as you walk down the aisle.

2. Go With the Tropical (or Arctic?) Flow

One tip for making destination planning a breeze is to work with your surroundings. If you're jetting off to Aspen to exchange vows on a snowdrift, then think faux fur, evergreen branches, and a rich menu. If you're toasting on a sunny beach in Mexico, then tropical colors and flavors will be your best option. Your unique location has special details that will make your wedding day beautiful.

3. Contact the Hotel Concierge

Hiring a formal wedding planner can be a huge cost for many couples. Some wedding planners charge up to 30 percent of the cost of the entire wedding. This can add up quickly, especially for brides on a budget. Many destination-wedding locales have concierge staff that can help you plan your wedding from afar, for a very low rate.

Ask your hotel concierge to recommend musicians and DJs, catering companies, and floral vendors. These staff members will often recommend top vendors and help you coordinate all wedding-day details for no additional cost.

  1. Make Sure It Counts
    While paperwork is admittedly not the most romantic aspect of planning a wedding; it's one roadblock some out-of-town brides and grooms run into. Each country has specific requirements regarding marriage. And you'll need to adhere to their specific requirements regarding documentation, citizenship, and filing papers. Make sure you read up and research the various rules for your proposed location.

5. Keep Your Guests Comfort in Mind

Regardless of where you're planning on getting married, the cardinal rule of hosting remains the same: Your guests' comfort is paramount! When planning your destination wedding, the sky truly is the limit. You can marry on the side of a glacier or while jumping out of a plane. That said; realize that your eighty-year-old aunt may not be able to be present if you make your wedding an extreme sports adventure. Weigh your wedding day choices with what your respective family and friends can handle.

6. Welcome Baskets Are a Nice Touch

Small touches can make a huge difference for your guests' comfort and happiness. Offer sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, and bottled water (or similar favors for a cold-weather spot!) in a gift bag for guests checking into the hotel. These small touches will make your guests feel cared for during their stay.

7. Tech is Your Friend

Google Translate can help navigate foreign phrases. Solar phone chargers can come to the rescue when outlets are scarce. Embrace easy tech to make your day run smoothly for you and all your guests.

With some planning and our tips, your out-of-town wedding will be a uniquely joyous occasion. Happy planning and congrats on your upcoming nuptials!