7 Creative Valentine’s Day Crafts

posted: 02/02/16
by: Blythe Copeland

Whether you're making Valentine's Day crafts with the kids to decorate your home or to give as gifts to grandparents, parents, and siblings, it's much easier to feel like celebrating when the crafts you choose turn out the way you'd hoped. Even the least crafty romantic can come up with the perfect DIY gift using these simple tutorials for impressive Valentine's Day decor and gifts.

1. Footprint and handprint canvas

Celebrate your baby's first Valentine's Day with this grandparent-approved heart made of tiny baby footprints and handprints, from 517 Creations. Press painted hands and feet onto a wooden board to create a sentimental keepsake that will put a tear in Grandma's eyes (and maybe yours, too!) for years to come.

2. Love you because frame

An inexpensive frame paired with this free printable from Alisha Greyson makes an easy gift for your partner or kids. Set the printable "I Love You Because...." sign behind the glass and pair with a dry-erase marker; then take turns each day writing something you and the recipient love about each other. Whether you're reminding your husband of the reasons you married him or giving your children a self-esteem boost before sending them off to school, it's a simple way to show your love all year.

3. String hearts

Simple heart artwork made from nails, strings, and canvas is a Valentine's Day decoration you can keep out all year. You can easily customize the size, color, and look of the finished product, but if you prefer to follow a tutorial, Crafts 'n Coffee shows you how to make a small heart surrounded by string, while Green Wedding Shoes creates the heart itself out of criss-crossed string.

4. Heart suncatchers

Heart sun catchers are an easy, mess-free craft to make with the kids: Just cut (or tear) tissue paper into small pieces and attach to contact paper; then hang in the window, as shown by Fireflies and Mudpies, and let the sun do the rest. Another option: Making them from coffee filters and washable markers, according to My Crafty Morning. Cut the filters into heart shapes and color with markers; then spritz with water from a spray bottle and, after it dries, cover with Mod Podge and glitter.

5. Homemade heart crayons

For an alternative to sugary Valentine's treats, Jenn at Princess Pinky Girl made heart-shaped crayons by melting pieces of old, broken crayons into a heart-shaped silicone baking tray. She then attached them to small round cards with a Valentine's Day message for a classroom gift that won't contribute to the holiday sugar rush.

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6. Fingerprint frame

While older kids can handle fingerprint artwork that depends on careful prints and detailed decorating, even the littlest ones can make this fingerprint frame from Mom on Time Out: Just squeeze a few seasonal paint colors onto a plate -- here, Trish used red and white which her boys combined to make pink -- and let them decorate a simple wooden frame one print at a time. Pair with your favorite photo for a sweet gift (for yourself or someone else).

7. Paper heart wreath

This brightly colored heart wreath is made from strips of pretty paper -- each heart in this project from The Hybrid Chick is constructed from one piece of 2"x11" paper, and though this blogger used printable patterns, you could also use scrapbook paper or construction paper. Attach adhesive to each end of the paper and bring the ends together to form a heart shape; then glue the hearts together. Thread a ribbon between two pairs of hearts to create a hanger and display on an interior door all season long.