7 Anti-Aging Makeup Tips That’ll Take Years Off Your Face

posted: 04/21/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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  • Your makeup could make you look older!
    Your makeup could make you look older!
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    How to Look Like You're Aging Gracefully

    There’s definitely something to be said for aging gracefully and embracing wrinkles as they come. However, most women wouldn’t mind keeping their youthful glow as long as possible. Leading a healthy lifestyle — drinking tons of water, eating the right foods, and exercising — and using sunscreen and moisturizers with retinoids can help keep skin healthy, but no miracle cream is going to strop aging completely. Even if you’re doing all these things –- or just trying to do some of these things — your daily makeup routine could actually make you look older.

    Here’s how to update your beauty routine and make it work for you. From switching out your products to changing your application technique, you’ll notice a drastic difference in the way your skin looks and feels. Try these six anti-aging makeup tips that’ll help you look your best every day.

  • Skip the powders.
    Skip the powders.
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    Say Goodbye to Powder

    You already know that moisturizer, moisturizer, and more moisturizer (especially the kind with SPF) is the key to keeping your skin looking and feeling younger. But powdering your nose before you head out the door can end up looking heavy and cakey on your face, especially on any fine lines and wrinkles. So keep the moisture in your face by using makeup in the form of liquids, gels, and creams. That means that any powder foundations, blushes, and eyeshadows should be replaced with more moisturizing liquid makeup.

  • Primer is your friend!
    Primer is your friend!
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    It’s All About the Base

    Using an eyeshadow base or primer will help your makeup stay in place, but more importantly, it will prevent the makeup from clumping in the fine lines around your eyes. Even if those fine lines aren’t noticeable, add eyeshadow and those fine lines will stand out for all the wrong reasons. Look for primers and BB creams that have a little shimmer, too, which always make skin seem more youthful.

  • Choose your perfect match.
    Choose your perfect match.
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    Look for Yellow

    When you’re shopping for foundation, grab a color that has a yellow tint. This will help to warm up your face and make you skin look younger, no matter your skin type or color. Application matters, too, so use a damp sponge to apply foundation — not your fingers. The extra moisture helps dilute your foundation a little bit, which will help it glide over your skin.

  • A little curl goes a long way.
    A little curl goes a long way.
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    Curl Your Lashes

    Even if it’s been years since you’ve used that eyelash curler, it’s time to break it out! As we age, our eyelashes start to flatten out. Seriously, how depressing is that? But no need to fret because an eyelash curler will spring your lashes back into shape and makes your eyes look bigger and brighter even without mascara. Just be sure to curl your eyelashes before you put on eyeliner and eyeshadow — your curler may accidentally wipe away or smudge your hard work!

  • Pick the perfect color.
    Pick the perfect color.
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    Plump Up your Kisser

    As we age, our lips can start to thin and dark lipstick can accentuate the thinning, especially on our top lip. But nude lips can make you look washed out. So what’s a lady to do? Sticking to something in-between, like rose pink and pale coral lip pencils and glosses, can add a little shimmer and make your lips look fuller.

  • The best way to open up eyes.
    The best way to open up eyes.
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    Remember Your Top and Bottom Lids

    When using eyeliner, be sure you are lining the top and bottoms of your eyes. Even though lining that top lid can be tricky, you’ll want to practice that steady hand on your top lid too. If you skip the top, your eyeliner will give the appearance of dragging your eyes down and we don’t want our makeup dragging anything down! When choosing colors, use a dark brown liner on your top lash line while choosing a lighter brown or neutral color on your bottom lash line to open eyes up.

  • It makes a world of difference!
    It makes a world of difference!
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    Pay Attention to Your Eyebrows

    As you age, your eyebrows may thin out -- and age you in the process! “Filling in your brows wipes 10 years off your face,” celebrity brow specialist Anastasia Soare told Harper’s Bazaar, and we completely agree. Even if you’ve never done much to your brows, try getting a neutral brow pencil or gel to help thicken up your eyebrows — you’ll be shocked at the difference it makes!