7 Alopecia Patients Show Us Bald Is Truly Beautiful

posted: 07/31/15
by: Mara Betsch
alopecia patients
Sigga Ella

Sigga Ella, a Icelandic photographer, just gave new meaning to the phrase "bald is beautiful." For a recent series, she snapped pictures of gorgeous women who also suffer from alopecia. The autoimmune disorder causes the body to attack hair follicles, leading to off-and-on hair loss throughout a patient's lifetime.

Teaming up with the Baldvin association, Ella hopes to "open up the discussion and work against these gender stereotypes," in this stunning collection of photos. Because long hair is often associated with attractiveness, these women make a powerful statement and change the stereotypical definition of beauty. Take a look at their lovely snapshots:

You can see the entire collection on her Facebook page. And this isn't Ella's first foray into photography that makes a statement. She recently completed "First and Foremost I am," which includes people with Down Syndrome of all ages.