6-Year-Old with Down Syndrome Shows Off Her Awesome Moves In Viral Video

posted: 04/12/16
by: Amanda Mushro

Sometimes when you hear great music, you just have to dance, and 6-year-old Ana Malaniuk couldn't hold back her dance moves any longer. So her mom, Sonja Malaniuk, tried to enroll Ana in a dance class in their hometown of Edmonton, Canada, but was shocked when she was told Ana, who has Down syndrome, couldn't join.

"We were told she wasn't welcome, she wasn't to their standards," Malaniuk told Global News. But this smart mom knew she just needed to find another dance studio. When she enrolled Ana in Amanda's Academy of Dance, the entire studio welcomed her and started teaching her hip-hop and other styles of dance.

Now Ana is tearing up the dance floor with her sweet dance moves. Check her out in this video that was shared by the Canadian Down Syndrome Society on their Facebook page. The video of Ana dancing to a catchy mashup of Walk the Moon's "Shut up and Dance" and Whitney Houston's hit "I want to Dance with Somebody" has been viewed more than 200,000 times. Seriously, girlfriend has sass for days!

"This studio has been amazing to Ana and her friends with Down syndrome," Ana's mother said on Facebook. Ana's been dancing at Amanda's Academy of Dance for a year now and her mom said her growth has been incredible. We can't wait to see more of Ana's dance videos!