6 Ways to Turn Your Kids Art into Décor for Your Home

posted: 08/04/17
by: Amanda Mushro

If your refrigerator is full of your kid's masterpieces and you've officially run out of space, you have two options: secretly dispose of every scribble and finger painting and hope your little ones don't see their artistic treasures in the trash or you can turn their art pieces into real works of art and decorate your home. So save yourself from having your kids' question where their art has gone and let these art to d?cor ideas inspire you.

Wall display

Think big and small when displaying their artwork. By scanning all of their paintings and drawings, create a large print collage that can be framed and hung in your home. Now you never have to decide which masterpieces to display because you can show off all of their artwork.

Clipboard Display
Home Is What You Make It

Create a display using clipboards for a clean and functional look. Now you can rotate their artwork and store older pieces on the clipboards so you never have to throw their art away.

This Heart of Mine Blog

There's no need to hang the entire picture when you can turn their doodles into magnets. Using polymer clay, turn your child's creativity into functional magnets for your whole home.

Gallery Wall
Home Bunch

Gallery walls aren't just for family portraits and snapshots. Create a gallery wall to display their artwork and let the pops of color add details to your home. When you are ready to change the look of the gallery wall, simply put the newer pieces on top so that older pieces are stored inside the frames.

Framed Art

Skip the glass frames and use binder clips to hang art work inside colorful frames. This semi-permeant solution is perfect for drawings and pictures that aren't perfect rectangles, and it's so easy, your kids can swap out their own artwork.

Good Housekeeping

This ideas is perfect for a toy room. Give each of your children a large corkboard displays their art. Add a wooden letter to monogram their board and let your children decide which art should be displayed.