6 Ways to Make Your Home Warm and Cozy on a Dime

posted: 10/20/17
by: Amanda Mushro
A light yellow brick old fashioned fireplace with arched opening has a roaring fire with logs and is decorated on the mantel and hearth with Thanksgiving or Autumn decorations. Candles are lit on candlesticks and fall leaves with gourds and grapes help decorate. Sunflowers and mums also fill tins and baskets on the carpeted floor. A rocking chair sits in the corner next to the fireplace in the left corner of this horizontal image. There is copy space in the left top corner.

The tough truth about home decor is that it can be easy to make a home look amazing when you have tons of money to crate a rich, luxurious ambience. It is much harder to decorate on a budget. Luckily, some small updates, costing just a few dollars, can deliver maximum impact.

Now that there's a nip in the air, it's time to turn your home into your own cozy haven. Read on for budget-friendly tips on how make your home warm and welcoming!

1. Bring Nature Inside

There's a reason that people travel from all over the country to "leaf peep" on the East Coast. It's because fall foliage is stunning! Use the nature around you to make your home feel like fall--vibrant leaves, plump pumpkins, green apples, and speckled pears. Arrange any one of these natural design elements in a vase or a bowl to create easy, inexpensive decor.

2. Add a Wreath--Anywhere

Wreaths are ways to dress up an exterior door or jazz up interior walls. There's no limit to where your wreath can go--hanging on the fireplace mantel, dangling over a mirror, or propped on a shelf in the powder room. Just use your imagination! Check out One Project Closer's teal wreath for a colorful DIY wreath project.

3. Enjoy the Glow of Candlelight

Candles are naturally relaxing. We all look better in the subtle glow of candlelight. Not to mention, watching the flickering flame is so zen. A subtly scented candle can make your home aroma amazing. This Paddywax Candle is a gorgeous scent rich with sandalwood and cardamom--fall in candle form.

4. Faux Candlelight is Your Friend

What if you love the candle's flickering flame but you have small kids? A bunch of flames around the house may not be in the cards when you have curious toddlers. Check out these affordable, battery-powered candles to add a faux flame glow to your home. Use in your bathroom, kitchen, fireplace, or anywhere you want a safe, cozy pool of light.

5. Layer Your Looks

Fall is the time to layer. We reach for our plush scarves and thick sweaters when the weather turns chilly. The same concept should apply to your home. Layer elements together for a warm, cozy feel. Toss a throw and some plump pillows on an oversized chair to create a reading nook. Add a thicker, printed blanket to the foot of your comforter in the bedroom for warmth and color.

6. Make Things You Love Take Center Stage

One of the easiest ways to make your home feel more like, well, home is to curate and display things that you love. It can be anything that has significance and meaning to you--it may be a milk pitcher from your great grandmother, a colorful piece of artwork created by your kindergarten, or a framed photo of your beloved pet. Find a way to display whatever makes you smile, and you'll create instant coziness.

With our easy tips, your home will look warm and inviting just in time for the holiday season. Even better, since our tips are wallet-friendly, you'll have more money to spend on holiday travel and gifts! Happy decorating!