6 Vacuum Cleaner Hacks That You Need In Your Life

posted: 08/03/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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    6 Vacuum Cleaner Hacks You Need in Your Life

    Even though you just cleaned your floors and put your vacuum away, you need to get it back out. Don’t worry, we didn’t walk through your house with our shoes on, but we do want to show you a few handy cleaning hacks that will help you get a whole lot more use out of that vacuum cleaner.

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    Lost Treasure?

    If you’ve lost a tiny object in your house and you’re having a hard time finding it, put your vacuum to work. Just wrap a thin sock or pantyhose around the attachment hose and secure. Then run the hose around the area you think you lost the item, and instead of sucking up the item into the vacuum, it will be caught on the material covering the hose. This is perfect for small pieces of jewelry or tiny toys.

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    Bye, Bye Scruff Marks

    If you’ve been noticing scuff marks on your walls and baseboards from the vacuum cleaner bumping into the walks, wrap a little masking tape around the edges of your vacuum to be a buffer between your speed cleaning and your walls.

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    Seam Ripper

    Have you ever flipped over your vacuum to see a ton of strings, pieces of rug, and hairs that have wrapped around the roller brush. Since all of this debris is wrapped so tightly, it can seem impossible to get it all off without damaging your vacuum. So use a seam ripper to break apart the debris and effortlessly clean the bottom of your vacuum. Once cleaned, you’ll be shocked at how much better your vacuum works.

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    Goodbye Odors!

    Sure you love your pet, but you don’t want your whole house smelling like your pet. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon or a few drops of essential oil into the vacuum bag or canister or place a fresh dryer sheet into the bag of your vacuum to stop pet odors and to make your whole home smell amazing.

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    DIY Air Mattress Pump

    Need to inflate an air mattress but you’ve misplaced the air pump? You can use a vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle on the lowest setting to inflate the mattress in a pinch.

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    The Toilet Paper Trick

    If you need to clean very tight spaces—think corners or inside door or window seals, wrap an empty toilet paper holder around the hose. You can bend, flex, and even cut the cardboard so that you can easily clean even the tightest of places.