6 Tips to Help Night Owls to Have a Better Morning

posted: 05/13/16
by: Amanda Mushro
woman up late in office

We all know the early bird catches the worm, but maybe that early bird doesn't realize there's so much great TV on late at night or that being a night owl means you can get a lot done after most people have been snoozing for hours. But as any night owl knows, mornings come too soon and even though you just want to crawl back into bed, you have to start your day while you're sleepy and groggy.

So if you're a happy night owl, try these organization tips to make your mornings a little less easier.

1. Simplify your beauty routine. Our own Estee Lalonde has the best tips for creating a five product face. Your makeup will look fresh and fabulous in just a few minutes.

2. To-do at night. Rather than making your daily to-do list in the morning when you're tired and probably rushed, take a few minutes at night to plan out your to-do list. You'll feel less stressed in the morning and you're less likely to forget something.

3. Late-night meal prep. Make the most of your night-owl tendencies and plan meals for the next day while at night. Set the table at night for breakfast the next day and use these breakfast shortcuts to guarantee an easy morning. If you're packing lunches, do it at night. Here's some of our favorite lunchbox packing hacks.

4. Start getting ready at night. Before you turn in for the night, or in your case, the early morning, try doing some of the things you'd normally do in the morning at night: shower, lay out your clothes, and light house work. Make the most of your nighttime energy so you can get a little more precious sleep in the a.m.

5. Help yourself get out of bed. It's so tempting to hit that snooze button over and over. Try setting multiple alarms (although this will totally annoy your partner), and leave the alarms in different parts of your room: one on your nightstand, one across the room, and another in the bathroom. Don't use blackout shades or dark curtains either. Let the natural light come into your room and coax you awake.

6. Start a routine. Even if you're walking around in a brain fog from your late night, you're mornings will run much smoother if you follow a specific routine every day. Be sure to keep that routine on the weekends too. It will make the weekdays easier on you.