6 Things You Don’t Need on Your Baby Registry

posted: 08/02/16
by: Amanda Mushro
baby clothes

When you're pregnant and registering for your baby, it's hard not to get excited. Look at those tiny diapers! These blankets are so soft! And this thing, wait what is this thing? When registering, it's easy to add every single baby item because you're sure you'll need it all. But learn from my mistakes! My baby registry had All The Things, and once my baby arrived, I quickly realized I should have skipped most of it. Here's what I should have left off my baby registry.

Wipe Warmers- I had multiple wipe warmers throughout my house because who wants to wipe their baby with a room temperature wipe when they could have a warm wipe? Not this mom! Then the baby came, and you know what, after a few weeks, those wipe warmers just collected dust because I never remembered to change to pad to keep them wet because I was too busy not sleeping and changing diapers. Save yourself the space and the hassle and skip this item.

Pacifiers and bottles- It's good to have a few on hand--and you'll get a few different brands as gifts- but your baby will have specific opinions about which pacifier and bottle they prefer. Once you find which pacifier and bottles work best for you baby, buy in bulk, but until then, don't stockpile yet.

Baby Clothes and Baby Shoes- Friends and family will love buying you tiny and adorable clothes and shoes for your baby, whether they're on your registry or not. But your baby will only be in those newborn and three month outfits for a short time. So take those sleepers, cute outfits, and shoes that never stay on their feet off your registry.

Changing Table- If you are trying to save on space, skip the changing table. Plus you'll find that you will be changing diapers just about everywhere and you won't need a big piece of furniture that will quickly collect dust.

Bedding Sets- Sure those blankets and sheets are adorable, but you only need a fitted sheet for your infant's crib. Crib bumpers aren't safe, you'll want to limit blankets for your infant, and the quilt that comes with the bedding set it too heavy for your infant. Just register for a few sets of crib sheets instead.

Too Many Strollers- With so many strollers to choose from, it can be confusing on which to add to your registry, but start by thinking about your stroller needs for the next few years. I made the mistake of choosing a stroller that only held the infant carrier, an umbrella stroller, and a jogging stroller. It was all too much! Choose one stroller that will meet all of your needs as the baby grows and skip multiple strollers.