6 Things to Consider When Choosing Childcare: Nanny or Babysitter (or Daycare)?

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by: Kristina Wilson
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Leaving your child with someone other than a family member can be a difficult decision, and sometimes it's hard to even know where to start. Kristina Wilson, star of TLC's "Rattled" and CEO of Sitters Studio, has some great tips for what to consider in your childcare search.

1. Do you need a nanny or do you actually need a babysitter (or something else)?

The terminology is really not important here but what every parent should consider, if they've eliminated daycare as an option, is whether the job they have to offer is a full time job or not. Good nannies think about their work as a career and want to be treated like you or I would from an employer. This means having a pay structure that the caregiver can depend on (like a salary) and usually some benefits like vacation and sick pay. If you need part time hours or plan to fluctuate the amount of hours wildly, it is probably better to find a babysitter. Pro tip: If you find a career nanny who agrees to work for you part time, don't be surprised if they quit suddenly. They are probably just using you as a stopgap while they find a full time job.

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