6 Royal Wedding Watch Party Ideas

posted: 05/18/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Red White and Blue, British Royal Wedding celebration cupcakes , Prince  Harry and Meghan

We weren't one of the lucky commoners to get an invite to the royal wedding this weekend, but that doesn't mean we can't have a wedding celebration in honor of the Prince and his Princess-to-be. So invite a few friends over bright and early, grab the tissues, and watch some royal history being made because we've got everything you need to host your own royal wedding viewing party.

Pajamas and Pearls- No need to break out your finest wedding attire. Since you'll have to get up bright and early to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say "I do", everyone should sport their comfy pajamas. However, you can dress up your sleepwear with a fun favor, the Queen's favorite accessory, pearls. While the Queen's pearls come with a hefty price tag, you can find a few inexpensive strands for you and your guest at a party store.

One of the Family- Why not pretend to be Royalty for the day with these fun and hilarious Royal family masks. Just print out the masks and attach them to craft sticks for a little wedding watch party fun.

Serve a "British" Breakfast- For this party detail, you can cheat by grabbing donuts, scones, bagels, and pastries and make them fit for Royals by adding tiny British flags. Your guests will love noshing on sweet breakfast bites before the wedding.

DIY Fascinators- With a few supplies, you can make fun and fabulous fascinators that every wedding guest would love to wear. Make a few of the fascinators ahead of the party of let guests make them before Meghan walks down the aisle.

Setup a Tea Station- Pass on the coffee and serve tea in honor of the Prince and his future Princess. Break out the teacups and sugar cubes and let your guests enjoy a cup of Earl Gray.

Decorate with a British Flair- Use this printable to put the British flag all over your party space. Add a few red flowers and blue tablecloths and napkins for coordinating decor