6 Indulgent Recipes for Mother’s Day Brunch

posted: 05/03/16
by: Blythe Copeland
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  • Perfect and simple!
    Perfect and simple!
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    Mother's Day Brunch

    Brunch is the perfect meal for celebrating moms everywhere. It's easy to whip up, includes many dishes that can be prepped in advance, and gives you an excuse to indulge early in the day. Whether you're hosting your mom and mother-in-law for brunch or dropping hints to your partner about how you'd like to be celebrated on Mother's Day, start with these rich and delicious recipes for French toast, eggs Benedict, cheddar and bacon scones, and more. We guarantee they'll make your Mother's Day an afternoon to remember.

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    1. Chocolate French Toast

    Though even the blogger at Half Baked Harvest who created this recipe for Best Ever Hot Chocolate French Toast stipulates that it's more of a dessert than a breakfast food, it's still the perfect splurge for a Mother's Day brunch. Make sandwiches from challah bread spread with chocolate mocha ganache, soak them in hot chocolate, and cook and top with marshmallows, coconut whipped cream, and toasted coconut; then proudly serve them to the woman who always made you eat a healthy meal before dessert.

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    2. Eggs Benedict

    Eggs scrambled, fried, hard boiled, or turned into omelettes are fine for a regular weekend morning -- but this is not a regular weekend. Treat mom to rich, savory eggs Benedict: A toasted English muffin topped with Canadian bacon, a poached egg, and The Pioneer Woman's homemade Hollandaise sauce. (If you're cooking for a crowd and don't have time to poach all those eggs, try a casserole version.)

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    3. Cheddar, Herb, and Bacon Scones

    Put a savory twist on traditional scones with chef Evelyn Paul's recipe for this cheddar, herb, and bacon variety. Using high quality ingredients -- like thick-cut bacon, a good aged cheddar, and fresh scallions -- turns this simple pastry into a tasty dish that will be the surprise hit of any brunch spread.

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    4. Yellow Bell Pepper Mary

    Serve up a sunny spin on the brunch favorite with this recipe for a yellow Bloody Mary from Wine Enthusiast. Mix yellow tomato juice with 6 ounces each of juice from yellow bell peppers, pineapples, yellow beets, and lemon; then top it off with mango nectar, white pepper, balsamic vinegar, horseradish, and mango-habanero hot sauce for a colorful drink with a kick.

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    5. Fruit and Goat Cheese Bruschetta

    Classic bruschetta is a worthy inclusion on any brunch menu, but for a more unexpected dish, substitute fresh berries and creamy cheese for the savory tomatoes and onions. This fruit and goat cheese bruschetta from Real Housemoms combines sweet strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries; honey, basil, and balsamic vinegar; and rich, smooth goat cheese --all on top of toasted French bread -- for a pretty alternative to fruit salad.

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    Chicken Salad Contessa

    Finish off your brunch menu with chicken salad Contessa from Ina Garten at the Food Network. Roasted chicken, crunchy pecans and walnuts, sweet and juicy grapes, and creamy mayonnaise and sour cream make this chicken salad a perfect topping for a green salad, or especially satisfying when served on croissants.