6 Home Remedies for the Common Cold That Really Work

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by: Mara Betsch
Feverish woman lying under blanket

We're right in the middle of cold season, and if our office is any indication, there are probably plenty of people sniffling and sneezing around you. According to some estimates, people in the U.S. get up to 1 billion colds. And yes, you can wash your hands, steer clear of those who are sick, and make sure you get plenty of sleep, but are there other things you can do to stay healthy? Absolutely!

Unfortunately, there's a lot of myths around which natural remedies actually work. For example, zinc used to be the ultimate cold remedy, but recent research has come back with mixed reviews, and the potential side effects has people thinking twice before popping a zinc lozenge. But the following science-backed remedies are your best bet for staying healthy, and, if you should get sick, reducing any discomfort.

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