6 Handy Mason Jar Hacks

posted: 07/15/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Mason Jar
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Salad with quinoa and vegetables in a mason jar on a rustic wooden background.

What used to be just a canning staple, the handy little mason jar has made its way into so many adorable crafts, ingenious ways to serve up food, and basically every part of our home. With a little creativity, mason jars can be transformed into pretty much anything. But what I love most about mason jars are these mason jar hacks.

If you're going camping, you'll love this hack for creating a match dispenser. Keep matches dry by placing them in a small mason jar. Remove the part of the match box that you strike to make the fire and attach it to the lid of the jar. Poke a small hold though both so you'll be able to get a match out of the jar without taking off the lid, and then light the match using the lid. Awesome!

If you're making breakfast sandwiches and want to make your eggs a perfect circle so they fit on your English muffins or bagels, use the metal ring of the mason jar. Just spray the inside off the ring with cooking spray, lay it in your pan, and drop the egg inside. You can gently mix the egg yolk or leave it intact while its cooking.

Mix up a single serving smoothie or a cocktail in your blender but cut down on the mess by using a mason jar. The blades of your blender will probably fit inside the mason jar. So just drop in your ingredients, attach the blades, mix it up, and enjoy your drink right from the mason jar. You can even poke a small hole in the lid for your straw.

If you're packing your lunch in a mason jar, here's how to pack crackers or toppings for your lunch so they won't get soggy. Just grab an empty, plastic applesauce cup and place the crackers inside. Put the metal lid on top of the applesauce cup, place it onto of the mason jar, and slide down the metal ring to seal it all together.

Other lids will fit onto a mason jar, like the plastic lid from your peanut butter. If you attach it to the jar, you can pop the mason jar into the freezer and never worry the lid will rust or get stuck onto the jar.

Contain all of your sewing essentials in one place by attaching a small pin cushion onto the lid and filling the jar with thread, needles, and scissors.