6 Great Weatherproof Vacation Ideas

posted: 07/30/15
by: Courtney Reimer
happy family on a beach

Even the best-planned, most well-organized family trip can be foiled by weather, but there are some easy solutions to keeping bad weather from ruining your good time.

1. Pick a weatherproof vacation spot. Believe it or not, such a thing exists! All-under-one-roof getaways like Great Wolf Lodge or even certain all-inclusive resorts offer fun for the whole family that won't require you even leaving the grounds. Great Wolf has an indoor waterpark and magic-fantasy adventures to keep the kids busy and active until bedtime and resorts like Atlantis, while ostensibly a beach getaway, do have indoor movie theaters and other activities that can't be spoiled by a rainy day.

2. Choose a place where weather is part of the fun. Places like the Pacific Northwest have some of the most stunning beach views -- but they're also notorious for their precipitation. But rain can actually be part of the fun: plan a hike in the rainforest, or explore the different kinds of critters that come out in the wetter weather (my kids are obsessed with finding worms in moist soil, for example).

3. Have a plan B. A week (or weekend) at a beach house is a great way to get beach time without having to muddle through hours of traffic in one day, but even the best beaches are known for their less-than-beachy days. Keep plenty of board games on hand to help pass the cloudy hours, or better yet, learn how to play board-free games like celebrity, dictionary or the old standby, charades (refresh your memory with the fun how-to video below).

4. Take a cruise. People's opinions on cruises vary widely, and I confess to not yet having had the pleasure, but the idea of having food, entertainment and lodging all under one roof is certainly appealing. And so much the better if the destinations are also places that are weatherproof or where bad weather doesn't usually last long (read: tropical climates).

5. Buy refundable tickets. If you are heading to Hawaii and suddenly the worst weather in a century hits, you're probably better off waiting until the storm passes. It's much more cost-effective to make that decision if you have a refundable ticket.

6. Weatherproof your attitude. Booked a trip to the beach but it's decided to be a monsoon-like environment? Make the most of it. Remember you're there to have quality time with family and/or friends, and use the time inside to make a great meal and laugh at the situation. Packing a little wine for the grownups usually helps, too.