6 Genius Organizing Tips You’re Not Following — But Should Be

posted: 08/04/15
by: Blythe Copeland

Ready to up your organizing game? If you've already taken control of the obvious--your laundry routine, a cleaning schedule, a mail sorting system, and the rest of your home's biggest trouble areas--then move on to these six simple tips for organizing smaller spaces (like drawers, medicine cabinets, and the refrigerator). They are inexpensive solutions that can make a surprisingly priceless difference in your day.

1. Use a pegboard to create an inexpensive, custom-fit drawer organizer for plates. Keeping them in a drawer makes putting plates away easier, and the pegs will stop them from rattling.

2. Keep your junk drawer organized by using small pieces of Velcro to attach containers to the bottom of the drawer--this stops them from sliding around if the containers aren't a perfect fit. (Try this with your utensil drawer too!)

3. Keep shirts and pants folded so that they stand upright in your dresser from front to back--instead of stacking them flat so you can't see what's on the bottom. Try the folding method from Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up to start.

4. Install a magnetic strip to the inside back of your medicine cabinet to keep bobby pins, nail scissors, tweezers, and other easily-lost items visible at a glance instead of hiding in the bottom of your makeup bag (ouch!).

5. Keep track of what's in your freezer--and when it should come out--with free downloadable freezer labels from Martha Stewart.

6. Invest in clear plastic bins for storing small items in the refrigerator. You'll be able to see exactly what you have and keep stacked single-serving items from tipping over or rolling around; even better, by putting similar foods in the same bin, you can grab one for making lunches, a different one for the kids' snacks, or one with all your cookout condiments, making meal prep even easier.