6 Foolproof Winter Crafts to Do With Kids

posted: 01/25/16
by: Blythe Copeland

Stuck inside on a cold, snowy day? Break out a few simple craft supplies and household items -- think contstruction paper and paint, coffee filters and Q-tips -- and create one of these easy crafts inspired by the season.

1. Q Tip snowman

Create perfect circles for this easy snowman craft from Mess for Less by using three different sized plastic cups dipped in white craft paint and pressed against construction paper for the snowman shape. Then let your kids use small cotton swabs to dab on spots of white paint inside the snowman and around the edges, making tiny "snowflakes" that fill in the snowman. Finish the face with black and orange paint and add a snowbank along the bottom -- or let your kids put their own stamp on the project by adding a scarf, trees, or creating a snowman family.

2. Heart penguin

This simple paper penguin craft from Crafty Morning is easy for kids to do on their own -- and easy enough for parents to help with if kids are too young to use scissors. Start with a black oval and then add several heart layered heart shapes -- white for the stomach, orange for the beak and feet -- and finish with a set of adhesive wiggle eyes for a cute craft you can display all winter.

3. Stained glass mittens

The same stained-glass technique that works for fall leaves, holiday ornaments, and summer kites works perfectly for these adorable mitten shapes, too. Start with sheets of tissue paper that kids can cut into squares (or tear into more abstract shapes) in a variety of colors -- you can have them choose a variety of shades in the same color family or create a multicolored mitten. Then cut out a mitten shape using a printable template and lay the template on a piece of contact paper, sticky side up. Kids can fill the mitten shape with tissue paper, and then cover with another sheet of contact paper to seal the tissue paper inside.

4. Pipe Cleaner snowflakes

Stringing beads is a great way for kids to develop their fine motor skills -- assuming they are old enough to stop themselves from putting the beads in their mouths -- and these sparkly pipe cleaner snowflakes from First Palette are a fun change from the usual bead necklaces and bracelets. Twist three pipe cleaners together at their centers to create a six-point snowflake, and then thread beads onto each arm. Fold the end of the pipe cleaner down to secure the beads, and attach a small piece of thread or fishing wire for hanging. (First Palette offers several modifications on this project, including ones that let you add additional arms and connections between each arm.)

5. Birdfeeders

Give your local winter birds a reason to stop by your yard with these cookie cutter bird feeders. This recipe from CBC Parents uses packages of unflavored gelatin to hold the birdseed together in the cookie cutter shapes; don't forget to use a straw or small skewer to create a hole in the shape that you can use to attach a string for hanging outside.

6. Coffee filter snowflakes

Cutting paper snowflakes is a classic winter craft -- and these instructions for cutting them from painted coffee filters instead of plain white paper put a modern twist on this traditional craft. First, use a small brush dipped in water to get the coffee filter wet; then add a few drops of food coloring and spread it around with the brush. After the filters have dried, fold them into quarters and cut the edges to create snowflakes that are as intricate (or simple) as you want.