6 Easy Solutions for Blank Walls

posted: 03/10/16
by: Katie Morton
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  • Think big!
    Think big!
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    Blank Wall Advice

    A blank wall poses a decorating conundrum. If you have a huge area, committing to a large-scale decorative theme can be intimidating. On the flip side, if you have a smaller blank wall, you run the risk of cluttering the space. Have no fear—think of your blank space as a canvas for your creativity. Here are some easy-to-do, outside-the-box options to create a WOW worthy wall.

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    “Potluck” Wall

    Do you channel the Cake Boss but wish your inner pro chef had more cabinet space for your kitchen tools? A square of black pegboard arranges cookware and cooking implements at arm’s length for a stylish and functional look for your bare kitchen wall.

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    Wallpaper Patterns

    Art is always a classic choice, but the cost of art and framing can be prohibitive. The good news is that adding a pop of color with creative accents need not break the bank. Simple, framed squares of wallpaper samples or patterned craft paper are a great alternative. Arrange the frames in a symmetrical pattern to emulate a modern take on the gallery wall.

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    Giant Chalkboard Calendar

    If you have a family, you have lists—from groceries, to soccer practices, to dentist appointments. Keep yourself on track with an oversized chalkboard (Over the Big Moon has a great instructional blog) in your family room or kitchen area. This whimsical accent serves double-duty as a decorative element, and an organizational tool!

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    Hanging Plant Stand

    Do you have a green thumb? Plants add a touch of nature and have been proven to improve indoor air quality, so load up your wall with your favorites. Fern, spider plants, and aloe vera are easy to care for and good for your health.

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    Medallions Add Texture

    This super-stylish wall looks like a spread in a high-end home design magazine! And luckily, it’s super easy to recreate. Simply affix pre-cut ceiling medallions from a big-box hardware store using adhesive caulk and then paint the wall one color for a stunning look.

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    Faux Headboard Stencils

    A blank bedroom wall can be updated with a painted headboard. Use a stencil to create a visually arresting faux headboard. If painting isn’t your thing, you can purchase a headboard wall decal, which will complement your existing bedroom decor.

    Decorating your windowless, blank wall gives you a chance to fill your space with creative accents and pops of color. Use our ideas for inspiration in your home!