6 Creative Pancake Recipes to Perk Up Your Breakfast Routine

posted: 03/30/16
by: Blythe Copeland
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  • Don't these look delicious?
    Don't these look delicious?
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    Breakfast Just Got More Interesting

    If pancakes are the star of the weekend menu at your house, make up your baking game with these six recipes for tasty twists on traditional flapjacks. Add swirls of cinnamon or rich hot chocolate; cook a skillet-sized oven cake or a dessert-inspired meal. All these recipes call for making the pancakes from scratch, but don't let that scare you off; no matter how devoted you are to your favorite boxed mix, a from-scratch pancake is just as easy (and even more delicious).

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    1. Cinnamon Bun Pancakes

    Combine two classic breakfast baked goods in one with this recipe for cinnamon bun pancakes from Bobby Flay. They're a little bit fussier than regular pancakes, since you'll need to use a pastry bag to pipe in the cinnamon swirl filling -- but the extra work is more than worth it, especially when you top them with the suggested maple cream cheese glaze.

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    2. Hot Cocoa Pancakes

    Give plain pancakes a rich makeover with a few simple add-ins -- including chocolate chips and cocoa powder -- in the recipe for hot cocoa pancakes from Wine and Glue. Your kids will consider them an unexpected morning treat -- chocolate for breakfast! -- but they'd also work in bite-size versions served as snacks or dessert throughout the day. The finishing touch? Marshmallows and chocolate sauce, of course!

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    3. Apple Pie Pancakes

    Whether apple pie is your family's favorite dessert for summer barbecues or Thanksgiving dinner, apple pie pancakes from Averie Cooks let you enjoy the combination of apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove in any season. The recipe calls for finishing the dish with vanilla maple syrup, a quick and easy twist on your favorite store-bought syrup that will take all your brunches to a new level.

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    4. Greek Yogurt Pancakes

    Simple Greek yogurt pancakes from Natasha's Kitchen trade many of the traditional ingredients for a more minimalist approach -- all you'll need are eggs, milk, vanilla yogurt, baking powder, and flour. The end result is a super light cake that's the perfect base for fresh raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, or for your favorite sweet syrup.

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    5. Red Velvet Pancakes

    The bright color of these red velvet pancakes from Cooking Classy makes them an obvious choice for a holiday breakfast -- but they're also perfect for Valentine's Day, the Fourth of July, or any breakfast where you're in the mood for something a little more colorful. Cocoa powder and red food coloring give the pancakes their traditional red velvet taste, while homemade cream cheese glaze adds an icing-inspired finishing touch.

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    6. German Oven Pancake

    Turn pancakes from an all-morning process into a get-out-the-door-fast breakfast by making a German oven pancake (also known as a Dutch baby pancake) from The Recipe Critic. Though the ingredients are similar to those used in traditional pancakes, the cooking method is what makes the difference: Bake the batter in a skillet in a 450 degree oven for under 20 minutes for an airy, puffed cake without all the pouring and flipping.