6 Baking Hacks for Those of Us Who Aren’t The Cake Boss

posted: 03/02/16
by: Amanda Mushro

How to Make Baked Donuts

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Carlo and Marco Valastro make baked donuts for their siblings. Watch and follow along with this simple recipe that you can make at home!

When I see Cake Boss Buddy Valastro putting the finishing touches on a delicious Italian sponge cake or intricate chocolate details on one of his stunning baked goods, it makes me want to hop a train to Hoboken, NJ and stand in line at Carlo's Bakery just to sample some of their sweet treats. While I'm really good at eating cake, I'd never make it as a baker at Carlo's. So for those of us that don't have Buddy's baking skills, here's a few baking hacks that would make The Cake Boss proud.

1. Plastic syringes are your BFF

To create intricate designs or make character faces on cookies or cupcakes, put down the big tube of icing and grab a few plastic syringes. The kind you use to give your kids medicine are perfect. Be sure the syringes are clean then fill with icing. Now you can decorate with precision! This hack is perfect if you're baking with kids, because they can decorate with their own syringe and not squeeze the entire tube of icing on one cookie.

2. Use JELL-O to color frosting

Jazz up store bought white icing by adding JELL-O mix. You can create a rainbow of colors and it gives the icing a sweet flavor boost.

3. Give your treats a design element

Feeling fancy? Give your cookies and cupcakes a sophisticated look by putting a piece of lace over the dessert and shaking powdered sugar on top. This will leave a beautiful design on your treats.

4. Play connect the dots with icing

Write letters with ease by using a toothpick to dot the letters onto the icing first. Then play connect-the-dots by piping the icing for perfect letters.

5. Just freeze it!

If your cake starts to crumble while you're trying to cover it with icing, place the cake in the freezer for 20 minutes. This will help to make the cake sturdier so it won't crumble under the pressure of adding icing.

6. Make slicing cake a cinch

When you're ready to eat, slice the cake perfectly by running the knife under hot water for a few seconds, wipe the knife off, and watch as it slides right through the cake.