6 Amazing Hair Goddess Makeovers

posted: 08/07/17
by: Emily Livermore

Something as simple as a makeover can transform a woman's life. Christina Oliva, owner of the Olivia Christensen Salon, knows better than anyone that great hair translates into self-confidence! Season 1 of Hair Goddess gave us a first-hand look at how she uses her talents to change women's lives with hair extensions.

Here are the 6 amazing transformations from Season 1! Click the title of each section to watch the transformations. And visit TLC GO to see FULL episodes of Hair Goddess.

Chrissy’s Makeover

Chrissy was one of Christina's first Manhattan clients. She is a domestic violence survivor and in order to fully move on with her life, she needed to feel comfortable in her own skin. Her thin and damaged hair was an insecurity that she carried with her everywhere. For years she colored, straightened, blow dried, and curled it. And, until hearing about Christina, Chrissy suffered underneath her numerous wigs just to feel presentable. Christina's hair extensions gave Chrissy new life. After the makeover, she felt like a new woman and you could see it in her smile.

Renee’s Makeover

Renee, like Chrissy, struggled with severe insecurity because of her hair. Renee's hair is thinning and it kept her from feeling beautiful. It can be a challenge to install extensions into such thin hair because the new hair can be too heavy and end up pulling out more. But, Christina wanted to give Renee the look she always wanted and proceeded with an installment she knew would work for Renee's hair. After her makeover, Renee had a new lease on life! She felt confident that her physical appearance properly portrayed her inner beauty!

Jill’s Makeover

For Jill, short hair was not a choice. At only 31 years old she was diagnosed with breast cancer and her treatment caused her to lose her long locks. Even though she is healthy now and her hair has started the grow back, the short length is a constant reminder of her sickness. It took 14 entire bundles of hair but Christina helped Jill get back the long hair she had before the cancer. This was not just about confidence for Jill, it was about being able to move on with her life beyond the cancer. And once she looked at herself in the mirror for the first time with the extensions, she felt like her old self again.

A Twinning Hair Goddess Makeover

Christina took on her first set of twins with Annamarie and Ginamarie. These sisters have looked the same their entire lives! Same hair colors. Same hair styles. Finally, they were ready for a change. Ginamarie wanted to become a brunette and Annamarie wanted to go full blonde. With the color changes on top of extension installments, they got to discover their individuality for the first time. They always had their own personalities and interests but now their hair reflects it!

Kim’s Hair Goddess Makeover

Kim has been Christina's medium for years! Kim gave Christina a feeling of security through her readings. Now it was Christina's turn to give Kim a feeling of security through new voluminous hair. As a medium, Kim does a lot of shows. She wants to get on stage and feel good about her appearance, but her thinning hair always bothered her. Christina transformed her look by installing extensions for volume as opposed to their typical purpose for length. By the end of the makeover, Kim was proud of her new sexy hair and couldn't wait to get on stage next!

Yonce’s Hair Goddess Makeover
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Yonce’s Hair Goddess Makeover

Yonce is a woman that identified as transgender at just 11 years old. She was lucky to have her grandmother as a support system throughout her life but everywhere she goes she still feels insecure about her appearance. For Yonce, long hair was the last feminine feature she felt like she needed to be a full passable woman. Christina stepped in and gave her the hair she always dreamed of. Finally, Yonce got to look in the mirror and feel like she was actually seeing herself.

For so many women, hair is more than just something to be styled. Christina Oliva transforms lives through hair! Learn more about these incredible women and Christina's journey to building her extension empire by streaming the entire first season of Hair Goddess on TLC GO!