5K Races That Are More About Food Than Running

posted: 03/16/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Most people will admit that the best part of running a 5K is the brunch you get to enjoy after. A 5K is a 3-mile race that is perfect for runners of all levels. There are races dedicated to various kinds of art, music and cities. Now, there are fun and creative 5Ks dedicated for fit foodies everywhere! These races are not only about getting in a good run, but about enjoying delicious food.

Burgers and Beer 5K

This Chicago hosted race takes you through a course through a lake front path where you will be exposed to some of the most beautiful views in the city. You will finish the race in a beer garden where you will be rewarded with an ice-cold brew and a freshly cooked burger. After the race you can return home with a souvenir beer glass and a stomach full of food.

NYC Pizza Run

It's no secret that New York City has some amazing pizza. Run through Brooklyn to reach various water checkpoints where you will also be rewarded with slices of pizza. Upon crossing the finish line, you will receive a free drink to enter the post-run after party. Nothing like a day full of NYC's best slices!

Wine 5K

Run while you sip with one of Pennsylvania's most proud events. This race allows you taste wines from around the state while paring them to amazing foods. Run with friends and meet them at the finish line for the post-race festival!

Corndog Classic

This Tulsa event makes a carnival staple the star of their race. Runners can partake in the breakfast challenge where they can eat a mini chicken and waffle, orange juice or mimosa and a mini caramel apple.

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Bacon Run 5K

Atlanta, Georgia is the home of America's favorite cured meat product: bacon. This race is all about the meat, featuring a wide variety of bacon-flavored treats at the finish line. Runners will be rewarded with brand coupons and promotions to fuel all their bacon wants and needs.

Brain Freezer 5K

If you are an ice-cream lover, then this is the race for you. The challenge is to run 1.5 miles to a station where you have to eat as much of a pint of ice cream as you can, then finish out the race to be welcomed by more frozen treats. This is truly a brain freeze challenge.

The best way to run is with the company of friends and some delicious food and these races do just that. Each of these races are a must to add to your bucket list. Not only will you need strong legs to complete these races, but you will also need to bring your appetite!