5 Ways Zach and Tori’s Wedding Will Be Unique

posted: 07/14/15
by: Mara Betsch
Tori, 22, and Zach, 24, got engaged several months after
Credit: Jeremy Roloff

You've come to know and love Zach Roloff over the years, and though Tori hasn't been in the limelight quite as long, we've seen their sweet love story unfold (check out #StoryofZachandTori). And now it's their turn to walk down the aisle at the Roloff farm. Though there have been plenty of weddings at the farm, including Zach's brother Jeremy's big day, we know that Zach and Tori are going to make their own wedding just as special and unique as their relationship. Here are five ways that their summer wedding will be a completely one-of-a-kind event.

1. Sullivan will be involved -- DUH!

Sullivan (aka Sully or Inspector Sullivan) is Tori's beloved dog, who serves as her sidekick, hiking partner and cuddle buddy (sorry, Zach). He's usually right by her side, and we know he will be, at least in some capacity, on her wedding day. We're imagining the adorable wedding pictures right now!

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2. It will be a intimate affair

Zach and Tori aren't a couple that really enjoys being the center of attention and are "minimalists" according to Matt. Throughout the planning process, they've tried to keep their big day intimate and low-key. Their wedding won't be small -- they sent out 185 invites -- but it will be smaller than Jeremy and Audrey 300-person affair. The average number of wedding guests is 138, and we hope that they get the understated event they want.

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3. They'll change the farm's setup

Jeremy had a very particular vision for what the farm would look like on his wedding day, and Zach is the same way. Because the farm has hosted plenty of weddings, he and Tori want their setup to be different, and they plan to move iconic pieces around the farm property. Zach even suggested grow golden wheat in the surrounding fields!

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4. There will be a photo booth

Tori decided to get one of these classic wedding props -- and a great way to capture guests in wonderfully silly poses and costumes. We can't wait to see the ridiculous shots!

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5. They're choosing a special Honeymoon destination

While some couples may opt for exotic locales like Hawaii, Tahiti or Greece, Zach and Tori are headed to the happiest place on earth. That's right, they are Disney World-bound! It will surely be a fun place for them to embrace their new marriage, but we really hope Tori convinces Zach to get some Mickey ears!

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A photo posted by Tori Patton (@vepatton) on