5 Ways to Step Up Your Lunch Box Game

posted: 02/25/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Mother preparing lunch box

Is packing lunch boxes starting to feel like Groundhog Day to you? Toss in a PB&J, search for a water bottle, hope there are some pretzels in the pantry, and scrounge up some fruit, repeat. Change up your lunchbox packing routine with different foods and save time while packing with these easy lunch box-packing hacks. You're welcome.

1. Add hot water to your thermos to keep meals warm
Never worry food in a thermos isn't still hot at lunchtime with this easy hack. Fill the thermos with almost boiling water and put the lid on. Let it sit while you pack lunches or serve breakfast. Heat the food that will go in the thermos a little hotter than you would normally serve it. So if you would heat it in the microwave for one minute, heat it up for one minute and 30 seconds. Then dump out the hot water, quickly wipe out the thermos, and add the hot food. Now you have hot food stored in a warm thermos. The food will still be nice and warm at lunchtime!

2. Use a thermos for more than soup
Tired of sandwiches every day? You can use a thermos for foods like chicken nuggets. Heat the nuggets in the microwave, wrap in a paper towel, and place in a hot thermos. The paper towel helps to keep the nuggets warm, yummy, and prevents them from getting soggy. Just don't forget the ketchup.

3. DIY ice packs
When you're packing multiple lunches every day, forgetting to refreeze enough packs is easy to do. Never run out of ice packs for lunch boxes again by grabbing a pack of kitchen sponges from the dollar store, soaking the sponges in water, placing them in a sandwich bag, and toss the sponges in the freezer. You'll get effective and cheap ice packs, and if lunch gets messy, you'll have a sponge for easy cleanup

4. Never eat brown apples again
Keep your apples from turning brown with a rubber band. Yes, a rubber band! Using a knife or and apple corer/slicer cut around the core. Put the apple back together and wrap a rubber band around the apple. The apple will still be fresh at lunch.

5. Freeze some fruit
Place cupcake liners in a metal baking tray and fill with fresh fruit like grapes, blueberries, and strawberries. Place them in the freezer and toss them in your lunchbox to keep other foods cold until you are ready to eat lunch.