5 Ways to Sneak in Vegetables into Your Child’s Diet

posted: 06/01/17
by: Kristine Boyd

It can be a challenge to get children to eat their vegetables on a daily basis. It may seem impossible to get your children to consume the nutrients that their bodies need. However, these tips and tricks, the struggle to get your children to eat vegetables will be thing of the past. These recipes include delicious, familiar food that kids love but with an unexpected healthy twist. Try out some of these simple, sneaky recipes for the whole family to try!

1. Veggie Popsicles

Popsicles are a summertime favorite. However, many store bought popsicles contain sugar and an abundance of artificial ingredients. These three easy popsicle recipes contain ingredients like spinach, avocados and beets. This is an easy way to get kids to want to eat their vegetables. These are also very customizable so have fun with it! Each popsicle also has a fun name that will have your child excited to eat veggie pops.

2. Zucchini Bread

This is healthy zucchini bread is the perfect sweet treat. It is a simple breakfast or snack that has a secret nutrient packed ingredient that your child will never notice. Zucchini is high in vitamins and micronutrients, yet mild in flavor which makes it the perfect addition to this bread. The zucchini only makes the bread even more moist and delicious. You won't want to make another baked good without it.

3. Green Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to get vegetables into your child's diet. Virtually any vegetable can be added to a smoothie and still taste fruity and delicious. This green smoothie recipe features 3-4 vegetables masked by various fruits. A tip to help hide the vegetable flavor is to use fruits with bold flavors such as berries, mangoes and pineapple. It is a fun idea to come up with crazy names to call this smoothie because of its green color. This will make your child ask for it over and over again.

4. Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Who doesn't love pizza? This pizza crust recipe has a twist because the main ingredient is cauliflower. This is a great substitution for regular pizza crust, especially for any gluten-free children out there. Pre-make the pizza crusts ahead of time and set up a bar of toppings. Get the kids in the kitchen for a pizza party where they can top their own cauliflower crust pizzas.

5. Spaghetti Sauce with Hidden Veggies

Spaghetti is an easy week night meal that the whole family loves. Why not sneak some extra veggies and nutrients into the sauce? This hidden veggie tomato sauce recipe includes celery, carrots, zucchini and red peppers. The secret is to finish the sauce off in the blender to make for a smooth creamy texture that ensures no one will know your secret.

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