5 Ways to Make Your Child’s Clothes Last Longer

posted: 05/31/16
by: Amanda Mushro

If you're looking at your kid's wardrobe, full of t-shirts that are a size too small, dresses that look more like a shirt, and pants that have somehow turned into capris, and are wondering how you're going to make these clothes last just a few more weeks until summer, you're not alone. Turns out, kids actually grow faster in the warmer months. That's why all their pants that fit just a few months ago are about two inches too short now!

But rather than heading out and buying a bunch of new clothes now, why not try getting a little crafty and use one of these creative and inexpensive ways to make you kid's clothes last a little longer? Try these genius ways to extend the shelf life of your child's wardrobe.

Let the hem out

Add a little length to your kid's pants by taking out the hem. Depending on the pants, you can make the pants look at least two inches longer. Make It & Love It shows this quick fix -- and it's easier than you think!

Combine two paris of jeans

Turn two pairs of too short pants into one pair of color blocked jeans with this tutorial from Stuffy Mom Makes.

Patch things up

Holes in the knees of your kid's pants used to mean it's time to toss them out. But with these adorable patches from Andrea's Notebook, those hole-filled pants will probably become your kid's favorite pair.

Turn tights into leggings

With just a few snips, Modern Mom shows how you can turn a pair of too snug tights into a new pair of leggings.

Extend your shirt's length

Don't add their favorite shirt to the donation pile just yet. Make It & Love It adds a sash or a panel of fabric to make a short shirt look longer.