5 Ways To Get Kids Out The Door Faster In Winter

posted: 02/18/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Young Girl Sitting On Wooden Seat Putting On Warm Outdoor Clothes And Boots

Getting kids out the door in the morning is already a exercise in patience, but throw in the cold winter weather, layers of clothes, and a kid that can't find their other shoe, and it quickly becomes a losing battle. Rather than call it a day and tell everyone to get back into their pajamas (although that sounds pretty nice), try these tips to get your kids ready and out the door faster than ever.

1. Don't throw all of your winter gear in a basket. Organize your family's scarves, hats, gloves and mittens in an over-the-door shoe organizer. This way every piece has a place and everyone can quickly grab what they need and put their pieces away when they come home.

2. Stock up on mittens. Mittens keep tiny hands warmer than gloves and are easier to put on. Save yourself the headache and buy a few packs of the same color mittens in case one goes missing. Store a few in the car, too.

3. Make it a game. When you need your kids dressed in layers, pretend you're a fireman and play "fired rill" to see who can get dressed the fastest. Place their rain or snow boots inside the bottom cuffs of their snow pants. Roll the top of the pants down past the boots. Once your kids are dressed in their long underwear and second layer of clothing, have them step into the boots and pull up the pants, the kind with the suspenders make this even easier.

4. Turn their coats upside down. Teach younger kids to get their coat on by themselves by placing the coat on the ground upside down. Have your child place their arms in the coat and then flip the coat up and over their heads.

5. Use baking sheets for wet boots. Cut down on the mess from winter boots and never lose a pair by leaving an old baking sheet by the door. Line up the boots and let the baking sheet catch the mess. Also, help boots dry quickly by putting wads of newspaper inside the boots. Word to the wise: You might have to replace the newspaper if the boots are really soaked