5 Ways to Decorate Around Your Television

posted: 05/05/16
by: Blythe Copeland
picture of beautifully decorated room with tv

No matter how much you love watching television, figuring out how to incorporate that huge, black gadget into your decorating scheme is no easy task. But whether your style is modern or traditional, minimalist or cozy country, we've found ways to make your flatscreen as unobtrusive as possible.

1. Install shelves.

Adding shelves above, around, or below your television takes some of the guesswork out of decorating by allowing stylish storage to do double duty as it hides toys, movies, games, and clutter while adding color and pattern to the room. Stepped shelves create an area of negative space to frame the tv while providing plenty of storage, while a sleek white bookshelf filled with natural woven baskets contrasts with a flatscreen . For a spare look, use a single shelf holding just a few objects: A set of white bud vases, one striking piece of art, a few favorite books, or a collection of glass votives.

2. Hang matching artwork.

A perfectly arranged set of frames around the television gives your room a traditional look, and can make it easier to incorporate the tv into a classically styled space. Look for frames that are all the same size and shape and that house similar artwork, whether it's small prints, black and white postcards, or colorful artwork. Choosing larger frames that allow space for wide mats will keep the arrangement from getting too busy (and minimize distractions during movie night).

3. Create an asymmetrical gallery wall.

Creating a gallery wall around your television doesn't have to mean matching all the frames and choosing coordinating images -- a mismatched set of art, photos, and framed objects can help hide your television by drawing the eye to other pieces in your collection. Graphic black-and-white outlines play off the black screen, while a balanced arrangement of frames in varying colors and sizes gives you plenty to look at when the tv is off. Picture frames sized for images from small to large hanging on the wall and leaning next to the television balance and ground the gallery, while a roundup of bright modern artwork in large-scale frames can make you forget the television is even there.

4. Forget the frames.

You don't have to focus on framed art and photos for the space around your television; instead, create a more minimalist look with a simple refinished window frame and bright green wreath or two rows of color-ordered books. Add a vintage touch to your modern gadget by surrounding it with pretty found china serving platters and plates or create an elegant viewing space with matching gold sconces and a curated collection of objects on a shelf below your set. Or don't hang anything around your television: Invest in a beautiful media stand and let that get all the attention.

5. Hide It

If you'd rather take the television out of your decorating scheme entirely, then hide it -- and no, that doesn't mean you have to invest in a clunky media cabinet that takes up half the living room. Enclose it in an antique cabinet; create a screen from vintage frames and artwork; or buy a mirrored wall cabinet (like this one from Neiman Marcus). Even simpler: Paint the portion of the wall behind the television black to add a graphic accent to the room while camouflaging your set.